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aliensdrawnOn April 12, a group of aliens supportive of and complementary to a 130 million year old native Milky Way population explicitly stated their age as a population, which one of them said is “3 times” older than an old population affiliated with so-called Verdants. The old population affiliated with Verdants previously said that it, itself, is billions of years old, which would mean that the newly announced older population (supportive of Milky Way aliens) would be three times older than that. In other words, it would be the oldest explicitly announced population that this writer has either read about or has noted, to date.

The “3 times older” population, which has apparently offered information critical of gray alignment aliens in the past, would be essentially 3 age categories beyond all known gray alignment aliens. That would mean our sympathetic Milky Way alien neighbors (who often criticize gray alignment violations of humankind) in one way or another include unusually advanced, older aliens. I’d previously been impressed by their sympathetic, non-violating statements and disposition, but I didn’t quite know how much older, as a population, they are than the oldest population outwardly affiliated with grays and so-called Verdants.

Ironically, the older, sympathetic population announced the specifics after I’d begun to publish excerpts from a book I’m writing, chapters that discuss how to use the mind to contour double horizons beyond offending gray alignment aliens in order to exceed their interference. To actually do that, in one’s mind one need merely contour a small section of what would, if extended far out and back around in space, be part of a larger scalar envelope of space, across which scalars resonate nearly instantly (this is a kind of remote sensing that any good mind can do, by the way). The unusual structuring of time within double horizon scalar resonance may have stimulated the older aliens’ announcement, given that my writing on the subject is apparently new to this planet.

The “3 times” older population stated that other humans and myself are just beginning to explore “temporal”; discoveries that they, themselves, became aware of very long ago. In order to announce themselves and make that point, they pre-figured their recent statements so that the significance would only become apparent after further time and consideration (i.e. minutes later, in the recent cases, months later in other cases). That indirect way of leading up to an important development is apparently typical of unusually advanced aliens who prefer to demonstrate a more complex awareness of time and a less direct manner than gray alignment aliens.

Given that remote mind communications (in real-time) are so developed and routine among aliens that they can be technologically recorded, clear and explicit mind communications are considered a reliable evidentiary standard among aliens. For that reason, I report such developments. Having written about the science, method, and feel of remote sensing of the sort, I’m satisfied that humans can both check on, verify, and reproduce such methods independently. Otherwise, I would not report on same. Indeed, many humans who research alien subjects report having done such communications, to varying extents.

A further development is also worth noting. In recent months, I’ve found that when the old aliens associated with the grays’ alignment try to dominate and control human mind interactions (a habit of theirs), one can either contour a larger resonance space than they do in order to exceed them (which is easy—merely a matter of contoured resonance) or, alternatively, given the nearly immediate, essentially universal nature of scalar resonance across great distances, one can broadly contour mind resonance so that it essentially faces widely away from the offending aliens’ network. Not only does it face away but it can be contoured out so widely that it should resonate essentially universally. That effectively pulls on a larger universal envelope, so to speak, (of nearly instant scalars) meaning that it can also cycle back around into and behind the offending aliens’ network. Much more importantly, the widest contour of resonance is something like the information and awareness equivalent of all that is, which is a large and phenomenally complex parameter.

One last item: although I have reservations about saying so, given the normal human idea of cosmology, those billions of years old populations have hinted that our human notion of the age of the universe isn’t complete. In other words, the newly announced older population would then be older than many humans might have thought physically possible. The breadth and complexity of their doings and awareness is phenomenally advanced, to say the least. To place that in perspective, when Verdants first made their presence publicly known circa 1998 they made grays look relatively unevolved, then the billions of years old population that often accompanies Verdants made Verdants look relatively awkward and physically limited. But this most recently announced, even older population, by virtue of its breadth of awareness and non-destructive manner, makes even those billions of years old Verdant-related aliens seem strangely direct, if not primitive, by comparison (yes, I realize the relative differences inherent in a less-evolved human perspective on such beings).

Again, unusually advanced aliens who say they’re three times older, hence more evolved, than the oldest known gray alignment aliens, have gone public. They have trenchantly and intricately criticized gray alignment violations of humankind and have condemned the destructive, resource seeking methods of gray alignment aliens in our system. They’ve also posed a greater, more abiding (and non-destructive) Milky Way and Virgo supercluster aversion to ruinous actions by gray alignment aliens here, in a galaxy that gray alignment aliens are not native to. This is an important development for all of humankind, given the implications. *If I could post this story to the largest level of human news circulation, I would certainly do so.

All in all, very encouraging news – at this juncture in human history.