Behind the Oz.CurtainWe are at the tipping point pendulum in human history, standing at the precipice that demarcates the painful reckoning of what has been from the potential promise of what can be. A sizeable, ever growing segment of the common everyday citizens of the world are rejecting the globalization and powerful self-interest of the oligarch New World Order that has ruled this planet for far too long. In response to the blatant theft and destruction of the globalist agenda, angry crowds are gathering on every continent, mobilizing their opposition that is banning together in an epic showdown of good versus evil, a noble effort to throw off the yoke of oppression and finally slay the imperialistic dragon. It’s the people’s forces of David standing up for the truth to fight the malevolent forces of the all powerful Goliath representing the web of global deception, exploitation and violence. The oligarch veil is being lifted revealing its crimes against humanity. Their wall of lies, theft and destruction is beginning to crack and crumble, growing bigger and uglier for all of us earthlings to see. The power structure of elitist corporatocracy is being rapidly exposed at an unprecedented pace and scale now. And the momentum is momentously shifting away from the elitist ruling class’ stranglehold on humanity.

Few of us actually believe that democracy exists in America. Like a toxic mushroom cloud, the mammoth cancerous growth of corrupt fascism and police state insecurity has descended upon the
land of the no longer free. Ever since the inside hoax of the neocons’ 9/11 coup and their systematic dismantling of the US Constitution, a stricken America and world have never been the same. The neocon crime of the millennium murderously sacrificing nearly 3000 Americans was a crime against all humanity. It has facilitated an in-our-face disparity between the rich and poor, the collapse of the middle class and the constant use of their false flag agenda to continue geopolitical militarism and their permanent global war state. All of their evil crimes against humanity are being recognized more and more by the average everyday citizens not only in America but across the entire globe as one hugely violent ponzi scheme. The elites have way too many sloppy loose ends and gaping holes of lies upon lies that can no longer be used to cover up their deceitful tracks. No, the tipping point has been reached when the public now sees who the real culprit is behind the oz-like giant screen pulling the levers and strings to a dancing black face Obama as our hopeful onetime good guy turned bad front man. Americans and citizens of the world alike are fed up with all the wars, the lies, and the ponzi scam that has not only Rome and Washington burning in pious hypocrisy and corruption but the entire world.

Al Qaeda is America’s friend when it comes to mercenary violence for regime change in every Middle Eastern and North African sovereign nation that happens to be on America’s defecation list. Yet since 9/11 al Qaeda has also been the so called enemy drilled into Americans’ heads as the cunning big bad wolf out there lurking as our modern day nemesis to most fear, those hateful Moslem extremists hating “our freedom” (what freedom?), our way of life (Orwellian police state?), and our brand of democracy (turned police state oligarchy, it’s official now). This hypocritical discrepancy more than anything reveals the psychopathic nature of the US government.

Speaking of ponzi schemes, the IMF and US State Department NGO’s hired fascist thugs to topple another sovereign nation Ukraine in February, with another IMF loan bleeding its people dry. And working side by side on the ground with the Neo-Nazis in power is Blackwater (name changes can never hide the thug USA label) fomenting the incendiary flames of another East vs. West showdown with Putin, Cold War II and WWIII not far behind. The entire planet of seven billion strong is sick and tired of war. All the soldiers around the world need to refuse to be used as oligarch chessboard ponds. They should just go home and leave all the politicians and their sons to fight it out in a prepaid per view event the world can watch live at home on TV for the biggest ratings ever!

Syria’s leader Bashar al Assad and Russia’s Vladimir Putin may not be saints, but the US agenda to demonize them for US global hegemony and geopolitical oil dominance is just another smoke and mirror, red, white and blue false flag. Syria, Iran and Russia are not the global aggressors parading as the world’s sole superpower that bullies, exterminates, threatens and lays siege to nations on every continent while masquerading as the freedom-loving good guy altruistically out to save the world from the so called axis-of-evil. Let’s finally get real and call the spade a spade. The Obama government in bed in unholiest polygamist matrimony with Israel, NATO and Saudi Arabia can more accurately be called the true axis-of-evil. Their apartheid killing machine has been responsible for murdering millions more innocent civilians around the world than any other nation or group.

Let us expose these evildoers that have been calling for a New World Order. Let us shed some needed light on their darkest sins, their satanic, “Eyes Wide Shut” worshipping and rituals behind shadowy but transparent freemasonry, skull and bones, Club of Rome, Committee of 300, the Bilderbergs, Council on Foreign Relations, illuminati. Let us dig through their layers of deception and propaganda to the core reality exposing their global ring of evil involved in child slavery-human trafficking-child sex abuse and human sacrifice. This is no far flung lunatic conspiracy theory gone mad here. It is what life on planet earth has become when the lowest of the lowest have been ruling too long as the highest of the highest. In this world nothing at surface appearance level is ever what it really is at core level. Nonstop deception has long been the key protecting the unspeakable depravity of their tightly insulated, secret world. The madness of the elite’s ring of evil has long been behind their earthly plundering, global theft and planetary destruction and the time is now for it to be exposed and confronted.

The oligarchs and their foot soldiers continue getting away with evil because the name of their game is knowing each other’s inside depravity that is used as leverage for potential blackmail against each other in a sworn oath of secrecy that when breached is sure to result in death.

As the head of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, Canadian Kevin Annett has documented ample evidence implicating royalty, high court judges and powerbrokers sitting at the highest echelons of power in both Europe and North America. This evil ring of such despicable madness brings profound abuse, sadness and tragedy perpetrated on thousands of the most defenseless among us – innocent helpless little children needlessly sacrificed over the span of many decades that leave a trail of tears for the ages.

As a licensed therapist for many years in Southern California I worked with physically, sexually and emotionally abused adolescent girls and children. Victims of severe abuse leave scars that are too often a permanent condition and affliction. Like the horror of war, the trauma of severe abuse causes victims to suffer an indelible wound of the deepest kind for the extremely vulnerable and fragile human psyche to ever recover from. Having such monstrous damage inflicted on them at such an early age is impossible to erase and very near impossible to ever heal.

Some never recover and are destined to either self-destruct early in life or lead very strife-ridden painful lives. Healing is only possible when given the right support system. Some young individuals have a miraculous resilience if offered unconditional support, nurturance and care to overcome their horrific past and begin learning and building lifelong tools and skills that will allow them to value and love themselves. My experience in mental health has made me a lifelong advocate and protector for those who cannot advocate and protect themselves. That is why the perpetrators of this world from the highest stations in life to the lowest must be held accountable. Power in a broken, corrupt and morally reprehensible system that commits the most deplorable and heinous of human crimes possible can never be immune from negative consequence.

The ruling structure on planet earth today can be characterized by an extremely warped and inverse value system, where the historic good guy in reality turns out to be the bad guy, and the historic bad guy turns out in some cases to be a good guy or at least less bad than the historic good guy. Nothing today is as it seems in this shadowy hidden world of inverted, perverse values. The card carrying globalists of the West have typically enjoyed phenomenal wealth, privilege and power for a long time, some for centuries. The oligarchy consists of royal and elitist families throughout Europe, the Vatican, Middle East and North America, families making up cartels that are part of the banking cabal. They are the less than 1% evildoers behind the global screen calling all the shots to the tune of austerity and war that their puppet governments dance to. They are the Western globalists making secret deals with the globalists from the East, elite families and cartels that rule over Russia and China, both making deals playing their geopolitical chessboard games with all of our lives at stake. In both the East and the West we are viewed as mere civilian ponds oblivious to them while toiling away for our meager survival while military ponds do their bidding and killing on the global chessboard they own and control.

Climate change with its plethora of violent storms and polar icecap meltdowns, further exacerbated by manmade HAARP and its deadly electromagnetic beams, along with geo-engineering chemtrails raining down toxic metals on the world, accompanied by nuclear radiation particulates washing up from Pacific shore to Pacific shore and carried by wind currents across entire northern hemispheres, or the violent solar flares ready to take out massive geo-electric grids that would threaten human survival, or the oligarch barrage of toxic vaccines, toxic chemical food, toxic GMO seeds and pesticides, by design combined with current global flare-up of political chaos, instability, conflict and wars, the sheer madness of all this destruction working against human survival can be too overwhelming and frightening for us fragile mortals to bear. But all of this horror is just part of the oligarch agenda to cull the human herd down from the current 7 to a mere half billion in the next few years, concocting a human genocide the size and likes of which has never before been observed on earth, so whatever remaining number of human survivors can more effectively be managed and controlled as a mindless, dumbed-down, overly droned population of worker bees (since the real ones will all be dead by then).

Evidence that their sinister plan is working has the average lifespan in America alone, according to the World Health Organization, already dropping by a couple years, at 79 far behind Western Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. A strong correlation logically exists between income level and length of lifespan.

As Americans die earlier, in keeping with the correlation above the US middle class for the first time in history is no longer the most affluent in the world. While its income remains stagnant over the last thirty years, thus accounting for inflation has actually decreased over time, Canada has overtaken the US as the wealthiest middle class in the world now. Canada and Western Europe’s middle class incomes have increased, leaving America’s behind. In the meantime, the poor in Canada and Europe also make more money than America’s poor. The globalist agenda to pave the way for the brave new world order appears to be alive and well in the twenty-first century… especially when that globalist agenda includes downsizing America to diminish its standard of living closer to that of Third World standards.

People are understandably running away from all this nightmarish reality by escaping and seeking refuge from this most imperfect storm brewing outside our windows. Getting lost in a lost world of endless escapist culture venues is just what those in control want. Masses reacting in fear become incapacitated as the multitudes of walking dead amongst us. Or they fall into an addictive lifestyle, compulsively immersed in ultra-violent hi-tech game toys, salacious celebrity worshipping, superstar studded spectator sports, mindless movies and even more mindless TV programs and popular songs, or they get lost in the infinite meandering maze of internet website-channel surfing, or lulled and numbed into a comatose state of impotence, apathy, passivity, powerlessness, and depression, if not already frenetically numbed and destroyed through street drug-alcohol-big pharm fix and stupor, these self-destructive habits disempower and kill. They are not the answer to the formidable human dilemma facing us. But not knowing what else to do, too many people often succumb.

If humans can respond to adversity with a sense that they can exercise some degree of control over their lives, or at least can enact steps toward positive change, they will be too motivated and focused to succumb to all the destructive life choices and temptations around them. Becoming more aware of what is happening in the world may elicit anger and outrage that can be channeled into righteous action and empowerment. It involves connecting with likeminded and committed others who believe they too can collectively make a positive difference in this world.

Upon learning of the severity of theft and destruction perpetrated by those imbued with power, an initial response may sound like the Howard Beale character in the 1976 film classic “Network” whose righteous indignation boiled over into his famous rant, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” That outrage has captured the ultimate frustration and anger many of us feel and have been feeling for a long time, perhaps all our lives. Yet that same sense of outrage has become a modern life anthem for those who reject the broken system, its injustice, insanity, theft and destruction, and can be transformed into positive action. That visceral grumbling that has been building in Americans for over a half century has now reached critical mass as an explosive, boiling over rage where our collective breaking point is meeting our collective tipping point. Declaring “enough is enough,” we can begin harnessing that energy and outrage into political, social, economic and environmental activism.

We citizens of the world are thoroughly fed up with all the violence, the hatred, the gross injustice and grotesque inequality. Recognizing that we humans are at a crucial point in our history, we can now choose to take empowered action promoting positive change that can mean the difference between either survival or extinction of life on planet earth. Rather than submit to the elitist divide and conquer strategy of fragmentation, alienation, confusion and inter-hostility that keeps us 99%-ers blaming and fighting amongst ourselves, we need to gain the clarity and insight to simply lift that oligarchic curtain of ignorance that in large part blinds and controls us. As courageous world activists acting for the common good of humanity, we must turn to the 1% rulers and tell them that their jig is up, that we will no longer be beaten into submission or tolerate their deception that for too long has been behind their every global theft, violent destruction and raping of our only planet and home.

In solidarity we citizens of the world are ready to mobilize at a worldwide grassroots level to rise up en masse and fight a new revolution to bring back and restore our lost liberties and human rights stolen by the NWO oligarchs and globalist thieves. Using the power of boycott is a most potent weapon among many at our disposal. In collective solidarity we wield far more power than we know. Joining the numerous organizations working towards progressive change, peace, equality and fairness for all, can both empower citizens as well as make a constructive, concrete difference. All the greatest breakthroughs and accomplishments began humbly as one or a few persons’ ideas and subsequently through hard work, determination, courage and vision, mushroomed into the most significant advancements in human development and history. And just such a revolutionary breakthrough is both very much ripe and needed for our trying times.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former Army officer. His written manuscript based on his military experience examines leadership and national security issues and can be consulted at After the military, Joachim earned a masters degree in psychology and became a licensed therapist working in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. For even longer he has been a professional astrologer. He devotes most of his time and energy now on his writing.