MeWell I guess that is what “it” is called.  We have a whole new definition of “home” now.  We are hesitatingly leaving Mt Ida, AR and it appears there may be a few more activations along the way towards the west but we are finally cruising home.  Wow!  That is my first response to this impromptu clarion called mission but one we have been expecting for a very long time (if you know what I mean)….can not wait to share all of the details when I can have the time to compose my thoughts and experiences and a decent internet connection.

Sending all of you love and wanting each of you to know that we have been doing our work with ALL of you in mind….may the beauty, harmony, grace, and miracles unfold now from what has been catalyzed by our activations…

Won’t be posting today but will be back into the full swing of things at the first of next week.  For those who have placed orders, please be patient that I will be filling your orders when I return.  Expect deliveries next week!  A great way to start your month of August off!  And if you have any questions regarding the CeRPER conference, just e-mail me and I should be able to get an internet connection on the way back.  Don’t forget you will need to fill out an application and other paperwork.

Lots of love – and amazing things ahead! I am so excited on what I have seen and the messages I have been given!  Woo-hoo!