Depositphotos_11288355_xs Protest‘”We will take revenge against Israel,” said an Ultra-Orthodox leader shortly before the protest. On March 2, 2014, as these lines are being written, the largest protest in Israel’s history is taking place. Its topic is the new Conscription Law, which attempts to conscript Ultra-Orthodox Jews to the IDF.+

Early reports by Israel Police show that revenge time may have arrived earlier than expected. The gathering was aimed at creating a conscience of unity among Ultra-Orthodox Jews, who are traditionally split in myriad groups. Haredim and Hasidim++ are just the trunk’s main division; each one is subdivided into many secondary groups.

The protest was agreed on February 24, in a “historical meeting of the three councils, the Hasidic, the Lithuanian, and the Sephardic, where all the great of this generation will sit together next to one table,” as defined by Kikar HaShabat, an Ultra-Orthodox newspaper.’

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