Healing Haven under Hilarion

Posted: 13 Jun 2012 08:36 AM PDT

In my June 13, 2012 morning meditation, I linked first with my own I Am or Christ Self, and then with Sananda-Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary, feeling their vibration and love particularly in my heart.

Then a golden ball of light appeared above me and began descending into my crown, third eye, throat and finally my heart chakra. The golden sphere was maybe 3-4 feet in diameter, about the size of a large beach ball.

To steady myself and to hold this higher love sphere that felt overwhelming at first, nearly taking my breath away, I reached out my light-filled hands to either side of the golden globe and held it betwen them. It took all my focus, concentration and steadfastness to hold this cosmic energy safely and securely in my loving embrace.

The guidance then came to place this golden sphere around the whole Earth planet. In other words, in my imagination, I visualized the Earth being about the size of the golden ball, and placed the golden Christ sphere around it, infusing the Earth with its I Am or Christ vibrations of peace and love, cooperation and coordination.

As I was doing this, the inspiration arose to focus specifically on the 144,000 elect all around the planet. The 144,000 are those who are doing their best to follow the Golden Rule: to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. They are of every country, race, religion, gender and any other physical, social or ethnic background. They live the mantra Love God & Love One Another.

“Hold them in your heart”: This is what now boomed in my mind. Combine your power via your arms and hands with your love via your heart and circulatory system. Empower the 144,000 elect with Christ love. Form with them a unified, integrated, holy circuit of peace and power, love and life. Hold all of them in your heart, as tenderly as a father or mother holds his or her beloved child.

This is the final focus for the remaining 7 days or so of this spring cycle, prior to the summer equinox. All this year, since the beginning of the Christmas cycle and the first month of faith from December 21, 2011 – January 21, 2012, the higher light frequencies have been coming into us, individually as light workers, and collectively as the 144,000 minimum, and ideally more, elect. Now this influx reaches its pinnacle for this cycle!

The 144,000 elect gradually have been raised to a whole new octave of their spiritual consciousness and expression. In part, this accelerated with the Minnesota/North America Mission, wherein a canopy or dome of light was placed over North America with Minnesota as its middle point. The United States especially serves as the New JerUSAlem for the whole planet. Thus with the dome anchored over Canada, the USA and Mexico, the higher frequencies now radiate out to all other countries and continents, and to all I Am Nation citizens worldwide.

Hold them in your heart. To do so, make sure your feet are  grounded solidly on earth or the higher frequencies will bowl you over. Speak the word with power and grace: “I hold the 144,000 in the power and love of God. With faith, strength, love, wisdom, will and power combined, all things are possible. The 144,000 elect are born anew. So be it.”

Visualization: See yourself surrounded in a cocoon of light, leaving only the top of your head open for the inflow of the Christ frequenices of power and love. Be at peace, fully grounded, centered in Christ or I Am consciousness, filled with the Holy Spirit. Unite in consciousness with Sananda-Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary.

Above you, see a golden sphere of light that is about 3-4 feet in diameter. This golden ball comes down through the tube into each of your upper chakras until you see and sense it in front of your chest. In your imagination, and even with your physical movements, reach out your arms and place your hands on either side of the ball, such that you can hold this cosmic sphere. Hold it to your heart, such that it touches and is in your heart, and extends out from your heart 3-4 feet in front of you.

Wait until you feel comfortable with this. Breathe in and out slowly, and as you breathe in,  breathe the ball into place. And as you breathe out, hold the ball ever more securely, safely and steadily.

Once the sphere is a part of you, place it around the whole earth. As you do so, it is as if your arms and hands become so huge that you reach out to either side of the planet, to the Western and Eastern Hemispheres, and you hold the whole globe in your hands, snuggled into your heart.

Think of the 144,000 elect all around the planet, in every place and position, some known to you but most unknown to your conscious awareness. Connect with each one. Infuse each one with peace and love, power and presence, balance and harmony. As each of the 144,000 light workers are linked in this way, they form the gridwork that anchors and holds the golden sphere down to every spot and corner of the planet. The whole planet resonnates with this new octave of golden Christ light.

See it. Hold it. Love it. Be it. Hold the 144,000 and all humanity in your heart.