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Open Thought and Language

When you interact with aliens, be sure to check and see whether a given population’s internal mind culture is an open, unrestricted community or an essentially closed, controlled version. The difference between the two is one of the most important characteristics of an alien population. Due to the way that aliens condense so much information into a single burst of communications, we can characterize the very structure of their language (in mind interactions) as either open or closed.

It helps to remember that among aliens, the unifying universal language of ideas, relationships, and global consciousness is expressed via the open-ended resonant physics of hyperspace. In other words, when a variety of aliens communicate (i.e. as a network, among a variety of populations, or on a galaxy scale and larger) they resonate in an open-ended way. Open-ended resonance conveys more information and is vastly more intelligent. In mind communications, an open language structure can resonate both inwardly and far outwardly into a parameter that includes diverse alien populations, a scale of resonance that’s ultimately universal in scope. So it resonates beyond any single regime (even though, to avoid unwanted interference, aliens reportedly don’t haphazardly broadcast information about their worlds into space). Like the physics of scalars (a.k.a. gravitics), an open language structure is faint but fast fluctuating and capable of great information exchange. However, a closed language and communications structure tries to limit a population to a given regime and its psychotronic systems, alone. Alien controllers in a closed system try to censor out and discourage explicit communications with aliens from other populations. Closed systems tend to use fear to limit the mind resonance of their citizens, in some cases in order to bind them to the crimes and restrictions of an offending regime. To give you a better sense of the difference between an open and a closed dynamic, here are some examples of both.

Here’s how open communications essentially diagram. Imagine a statement that begins with a subject then is followed by an open, expanded variety of ideas. For example, “We _____.” represents a thought or statement that begins with “we” then is followed by entire clusters of open-ended ideas that resonate all at once, i.e. we aren’t perfect but we agree on honesty, we see that it’s our only basis so we sort out dishonest criminals in our midst, and we feel for and cherish like minds everywhere, etc. It’s an open-ended thought/statement that says more and can even resonate into past memories or distinctions on the subject. Meanwhile, a closed thought/statement looks something like, “We are the Nordics.” It’s a closely guarded thought confined to a single, tightly controlled enclave of aliens.

The truth is, an open statement cycles into so greatly expanded a thought envelope that the best way to diagram it is to place the subject “We” inside of a gently shaded, fluctuating sphere of open-ended ideas.

In actual mind communications, the edge of that sphere blends out into a rapidly fluctuating, larger space. In other words, the thought isn’t limited to a single linear sentence. Instead, such a thought can resonate into an entire network of implications. So, secondary and tertiary thought clusters surrounding the subject can also be conveyed. It’s a phenomenally more expanded way of both thinking and communicating.

It says more than just words because it conveys feelings, secondary subjects of importance, outcomes, characterizations, graphics, and even an exotic kind of geometry connecting all of that—all at the same time. It resonates with universally valid ideas everywhere.
When and how would that actually occur? For example, recently during mind interactions while I was showing other humans how to remotely probe and investigate a gray alignment subterranean base containing flight craft and aliens who monitor humans from what appears to be a location northwest of New York City, I did open communications in order to say more than a mere linear sentence. This occurred while I was showing how to remotely resonate across a variety of orb-like spaces, i.e. a dome of perspective above part of Manhattan plus a variety of nearly instantly contoured, different sized orb-like spaces converging along a kind of membrane arcing out into the space above the city. In order to demonstrate how much humans can actually do, I showed how my contouring of any one part resonated into the other parts. (When you nearly instantly contour or slightly rotate one orb space, the others slightly counter-rotate at the same time in a tight, precise way). Added to that, I commented that, “We _____,” essentially saying (all in one burst) that we can feel into any one of those orb-like spaces to nearly instantly identify any of the gray alignment’s direct operatives in New York City and that, at the same time, we can also trace out the gravitic monitoring and communications resonance that ties them to the nearest gray alignment base, plus we can instantly vary our larger, faster fluctuating space to highlight all of the above in a way that gray alignment aliens can’t entirely keep track of.

When I do such exercises, gray alignment aliens sometimes try to stump me by trying to interrupt or divert my communications. They tend to make remarks about crude, unrelated matters, i.e. some mistake I made in the past or some human impulse. So, in reply, I try to elevate the human level of discussion and demonstrate that we can exceed gray alignment interlopers by using open language and communications. So, I might say “We______,” this time saying that we are many humans resonating ALL of our various thoughts on such subjects (this actually happens, by the way). So, what is being said is not merely me, but is actually a complex resonance of a number of other humans and sometimes some discretely removed Milky Way aliens who want to help us develop open mind forms, rather than be limited to the gray alignment’s linear diversions.

Remember, open communications can include the mind resonance of many individuals, all at one time. On your first try, if you’re not accustomed to that you might wonder whether the variety of ideas surrounding your thoughts were conveyed, but, like the complex consideration of many thoughts in your head at one time, you soon learn to feel and know the subtle resonance of many different minds at the same time. It helps to know a person or persons who are good at this because they can be a kind of telepathic gathering place for a greater number of people. I’m very open in that regard. After you realize that you can, in fact, convey the many subtleties surrounding an idea, you soon learn to tone down your communications so that more can be said. Perhaps you can see why this is very different from closed, linear versions.

Meanwhile, a closed thought/statement can be represented as a stick-like sentence diagram, usually with just one verb and one or two associated meanings. But how do real, live aliens restrict mind communications? For example, senior aliens in the grays’ alignment do the following in order to limit and directly use other aliens: They interrupt mind communications. They dominate and intimidate their subordinates, sometimes trying to tilt them into abeyance so that an alien controller can then impose his thoughts. They assign them busywork (i.e. abductions, monitoring of other aliens, and resource getting) to keep their minds from straying into open communications. They lump young, recently colonized populations in with an old, overgrown population that wants to use them all for its purposes. They assign subordinate aliens mind-numbing, low-order routines (corruptions, manipulation of conflicts on target planets, etc). And they make sure that the education and assignments of subordinate aliens are directed toward predatory resource taking. Such tactics are part of a closed community.

Of course, we know that aliens who live in a closed community composed of a variety of populations are made to think that they aren’t sealed off and contained. Within their system, they can be treated to psychotronically- recorded sensations of wonder, excitement, fear and awe, or even a kind of musicality. They’re told that they’re included in a great, diverse interaction. They think in terms of (nearly instantly resonating) scalar physics, so within their network of linked populations an individual might not think it’s a closed community because the challenge of assimilating the thoughts and impressions of those various populations can make it seem as though the community isn’t bounded. However, it is tightly controlled. Strict boundaries are in place, and contacts outside of those controlled populations are discouraged. Independent critique is made to seem contrary, if not damaging. Total involvement in the one-ness of their community is expected, especially when framed in terms of obedience to its oldest, technologically evolved population. However, when that older population has a history of coldly calculated planet kills, fear tends to be a primary means of social control. In such cases, the older population sometimes tries to make a cold, cruel object exercise out of newly evolved populations that aren’t yet assimilated (i.e. humans). It’s a kind of shock doctrine intended to obliterate competing thought systems.

Here’s another example of open vs. closed communications. Some months ago, an older alien who’s reportedly part of the precursor population (billions of years old) that associates with Verdants (aliens reported in Phillip Krapf’s books) would often interject in my interactions. Clearly, his intention was to intrude on then dominate the thought and communications. If you’ve never experienced an alien interjecting on your thoughts, here’s how that occurs. He tends to wait until there’s a seeming pause, then he makes an observation, sometimes offering information or his perspective on human and alien interactions. Rather than simply rattle on without stopping, he carefully waits until it seems as though he’s only interjecting at my own paused intervals. However, since I am leery of an alien colonizer and felt frustrated by his attempt to take up so much time that there would be little room for our gentler neighboring aliens to communicate, I made it clear that I wouldn’t interact with him, at all. So, what did he then do?

He continued, as though his larger scale of experience was more important. In order to correct the situation, I began to make open-ended statements, i.e. of the “We _____” sort. He clearly didn’t like that, so he acted as though I’d said nothing at all, even though I’d actually made open-ended statements that were intended to demonstrate to other humans that a subtle yet complex form of communication could be done. He ignored what I’d said then simply continued on with the train of his own thought/statements. It was as though he wanted to entirely avoid situations in which humans begin to realize that we can convey complex, multiple clusters of information all at the same time. He obviously thinks that the old human habit of communicating small bits of information relatively loudly would cause most of us to think that the softer, densely packed information of open communications was simply a kind of silence (when it isn’t). His interruptions happened many times, for years running. He also seemed worried that when humans do open-ended communications we convey thoughts and feelings that his aliens can’t quite grasp because we’re more familiar with our language, our conventions, and our mind-body networks than are his aliens. It was as though he wanted to unravel and essentially decode our communications in order to dominate them.

During recent communications with other humans I’ve made open-ended statements that review remote sensing techniques, then I widen the contour of the context to nearly instantly resonate across a large envelope of space, i.e. ranging from 30-300 light years in radius. I do that to feel beyond any token outposts of gray alignment aliens so that humans can better get a feel for our native alien neighbors’ networks. So, an open-ended statement in such a context might softly say all of the following in roughly one second:

We note sharp differences between empty space and inhabited planets–planets that almost draw in conscious resonance due to their expanded scalar envelope of communications, and we can resonate into and across many inhabited locations all at once–locations that have
a plasma-like global consciousness feel, and we don’t intrude crudely in a way that might frighten them, while, at the same time, they essentially resonate back variously, i.e. some are sharply curious (yet cautious) due to the fact that they only occasionally encounter a young, relatively unevolved population like humans, while others are practiced at sensing across large expanses of space that include numerous contacted or affiliated planets, so their resonance skips out over a larger expanse of space yet has an ordinary, day-to-day complexity to it.

Remember, this isn’t a linear statement, like a sentence diagram. Instead, it gently resonates all of those ideas at once (fractionally— as though we, in this fraction of the larger space, resonate with distant other fractions of it), rather than loudly enunciate only one or two ideas. Normally, after resonating in such a way, there are several seconds of further resonance in response, i.e. a discrete statement that humans are fast evolving, while aliens might suggest cursory alien norms (i.e. shared equality, a more delicate ecology, scalar energy ecology standards, or their simple feeling into how we seem to be). From the neighboring alien perspective, there seems to be much patience, given that they live longer than we do and seem to know that the task of exposing the gray alignment-infiltrat ed black budget mafia on this planet takes time.

So, let’s review how open language structures work. It’s as though you resonate the root ideas plus the geometry and the science of them all at once. Now that we know that scalar mind resonance is possible
via a universal resonance of fractional (fractions of the universe) quantities, we can communicate more information than was previously possible. This kind of communication is also the future of holographic displays and mind-conveyed graphics. The technology that will do so is already in its early stages of development here. It will revolutionize education and make it more universally accessible. However, at present we can easily communicate open language structures without using technology.

As you become more adept at this and you begin to listen to further kinds of resonance, you’ll realize that the quantum mirage model of resonance (further shell spaces of nearly instant resonance all around) allows for a higher order of information, albeit subtly and fleetingly. Extra envelopes of mirage-like resonance can convey those secondary and tertiary thought clusters surrounding an idea. It’s only a matter of training yourself to both outwardly resonate and/or listen to them. Meanwhile, in closed language systems, like that of gray alignment aliens who do dirty work here, we often see distorted qualities. It’s as though, instead of fractional resonance in a larger context, among them we see a false and distorted array of essentially whole numbered values, i.e. criminal arrogations, a collectively greedy presumed superiority, insular/hermeneutic assumptions posed as though universal, and an equalitarian basis (internally) that ignores the required equivalency between populations. Ironically, within their alignment, gray alignment aliens are sometimes blind to the fact that they immerse in distorted values. The realization is washed out by their propaganda, their awe for older criminally complicit aliens in their midst, and the cocoon of psychotronic diversions that they’re constantly immersed in. Sometimes we actually see older gray alignment aliens trying to converge and cancel out or effectively freeze / still the contrary thoughts of other aliens, especially when such thoughts might embarrass the older aliens.

Closed language/communicat ions dynamics set strict limits in order to propagandize their people(s), quite often so that they can be managed and used conveniently without problems or cognitive dissonance.
So, we see a stark and easily recognizable difference between honest, effectively open language / communication structures and those that pretend to be open systems yet are actually closed and tightly controlled. Although most aliens try to be discrete in order to avoid the meddling of alien predators, they can nonetheless live within and encourage open language and communications structures. The truth is, the physics of scalars (and shared mind interactions) ultimately resonate on a universal scale, beyond any single regime, although the dominant aliens in a corrupt alignment may try to obscure that fact behind selective regime propaganda. Once a population learns to characterize the mind resonance space of an offending aggregate like that of the Verdants (and grays), smaller independent populations and/or intergalactic conventions can easily resonate out into more expanded, extra shell spaces beyond the offenders.

It’s important to note that some populations, i.e. Iargans, who said they have a closed circuit of genetic evolution (which avoids external interference) , can nonetheless discretely share open mind communications. *See the free ebook Contact with Iarga on the web.