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Ginger’s notes

*- About 75 mins into show . . . RE GOLD, RV VIA D (RTS) – “. . . the reason the
expected RV did not happen today is because they do not have any money . . . but
everything is still moving forward, everyone was certain it would happen today .
. . they have to move forward because “the Whales” (the extremely wealthy and
connected folks) have already RV “cashed out” last week . . . but still cannot
touch all their cash and were not even given vouchers! So they are backed into a
corner and will have to raise a big stink about it” (this will in-turn kick the
RV out to the rest of us to finally happen)*

*- “. . . as of last Saturday (April 13th) every country in world is now Basel
III Compliant (means they must be asset-backed) . . . therefore why the
artificial plunge last week in gold and silver was made, as some did not have
any assets . . . this is blatant maneuvering meaning nothing (just manually
changed numbers in stock market) and they can’t take it back”*

*- “. . . in the meantime, the banksters are making a killing . . . for example
with all the Whales alone in US, at 5:01pm when the banks close, they have been
(wholesale) trading the Whale’s money like crazy during this off time . . . and
then at 8:01am, it’s back to (retail) banking”*

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kauilapele | 2013/04/15 at 18:21