Don’t shoot the messenger folks.  I just present all perspectives of information……you determine what has come out of OPPT for you and what it has assisted humanity with.  If nothing else comes of it, it has spoken from the rooftops that “we” are the value – not our tax ID number, not our paycheck, not our credit statement.-A.M.

by Drake

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Tuesday 3rd of June I visited SUMMITAS BUILDING II in JL(Rd)SUDRIMAN. As you know this road is the busiest road in Jakarta and there are lots of high story modern buildings along the road. The reason I visited this building is I found the document which has the address of Swissindo-OPPT office in Jakarta.
As I arrived SUMMITAS BUILDING II then I watched the information board but I did not find Swissindo or OPPT. So I showed the address to a lady in information desk and asked about it. She said she never heard about Swissindo or OPPT.
So I took the picture the information board as an evidence.


Drake | June 6, 2013 at 3:45 pm