Daily Energetic Guide During the Return of Wisdom


Full Moon Phase: fulfillment, illumination, realization, shadow, experience

Moon: Leo

Ruling Mahavidya: Kali

oracleStanding at the entrance to Chiron’s rainbow bridge, Kali speaks.  ”The properties of the rainbow bridge, the properties of light, are malleable and can produce a wide range of effects.  This bridge has been configured like a prism that will filter into three parts: that which is held in high intention, that which is held in low intention, and that which is not yet determined.  These energies will undergo refinement, as in processing.  The high-minded energy is powerfully reinforced; the low-minded energy is scrubbed and polished; the neutral energy remains so.  Crossing the bridge is an ascent in consciousness.  It changes the nature of personal reality and worldwide reality.  Are you ready to go?”

Energetically, we are walking across this bridge until January 24.  During this time we will undergo intensive revision, refinement, and reconditioning.  Everything goes through a “sorting process” – and that means everything.  All aspects of our individual lives and all aspects of the world at large will be transforming.  This kicks off today with the square between Mars and Venus.  Remember that Venus is retrograde through the end of the month.  During Venus retrograde, our value system is overhauled, which consequently overhauls our relationships.  Relationships are deeply impacted today.

All of this is about value.  What is your value base?  Views are changing under this energy.  Situations and circumstances that are not in our highest and best interests are being divided out from us.  The principle of resonance is underlying, so “like” is being pulled toward “like” and unalike is being diverted elsewhere.  It can be hard to experience this, especially if we are holding on to it.  It goes much easier for us if we surrender the attempt at controlling the energy and just go along with it.  It’s transporting us into a new world, one of natural world order.  It’s good.  No fear.

This little jaunt across the rainbow bridge sees us well prepared for what’s in store on the other side.  The maligned goddess Eris awaits her brother Mars while the trickster-magicians loom.The Oracle Report – Keep the Ancient Tradition of Oracles Alive! Make A Donation Here.