Thursday, October 11, 2012

Third Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Leo/Virgo

Today we have a big aspect with Mars opposing the Black Moon (and the Moon squaring it).  This is happening in what we call “mutable” signs, meaning it mutates or changes things.  We are finding that we are moving into a new phase of being but, despite all of our experience, it is surprisingly difficult.  Saturn in Scorpio is a major mutation.  It makes the underworld routine.  We are living and breathing it, walking through it and trying to shine light.  It’s a tough mission because sometimes it seems everywhere you turn there is something to take you down.  With the astrological aspects today, all of this will seem especially true.  Anger can erupt quickly and vehemently, particularly if someone feels like they are being rejected.  We need to take our time, take things step by step, and not get too far ahead of ourselves.  People in general will have a difficult time coping with stressors today and will need some help.  This nice thing is this energy is wonderful for repairing damage.  The ability to fix things is a main component today.  The Sun is amping up to charge our energetic fields, so make sure you take time to observe the natural world around you to restore your energy.  We might feel like we are walking through the underworld, but the beauty of the planet remains a constant companion.