– Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment, October, 26-27, 2013

Third Quarter Moon Phase: realign, revise, reorient, accept
Moon: Cancer/Leo

oracleThe Sun has released three X-class flares in the past 24 hours.  The Sun is located at the degree in the sky that is opposite of the Chiron Point, which I’ve been talking about over the past few days.  You can read those posts in the Archive tab above.

Anytime the Sun releases flares the energy imprint for the day is stronger.  Over the past couple of days the energy has been exceptionally emotional because the Sun moved into Scorpio (a water sign), Neptune is aspected in Pisces (a water sign), and the Moon joined Jupiter and the Black Moon in Cancer (the other water sign).  It was a flood.

The flood subsides Saturday as the Moon enters Leo, which is ruled by the Sun.  Whereas the EMOTIONAL energetic imprint was strengthened by the latest solar flares, the energy now takes on a more ACTIVE tone with the Moon in Leo, a fire sign.  Additional solar flares this weekend will strengthen energy levels.  It’s mind fuel.  There’s also plenty of fuel thrown on the flames of relationships, so keep things in check.

We are going to watch the “wounding and healing” themes subside as the Sun moves off the Chiron Point.   We will take with us wisdom gained from sharing and communicating with others (and facing ourselves in the mirror) over the last few days and consider how to integrate or employ the information.  Third Quarter Moon phase takes everything that has culminated since the New Moon phase (which began on October 4, 2013) and refines it.  It sands and finishes things.

That said, Third Quarter Moon phase is the time to complete things that have lingered – things you don’t want to carry with you into the next lunar month.  Third Quarter phase is effectively the last phase of the month so endings and completion are inherent.  Work this how it suits you best.  The amplified energy of action enables us to truly finish off things.

What else suits you best?  We’re inclined toward these kinds of thoughts this weekend.  It gets narcissitic if carried too far.  But it’s a good question.  It also shows out with the costumes people choose.

As usual, keep your eye toward nature, watchful for synchronicities and sightings in the natural world.  Find beauty and find fun.  Give a nod toward the Sun.

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