Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Crescent Moon Phase: growth, struggle, challenge, expansion

Moon: Sagittarius


oracleTime stops in many regards today.  As it does, it enables us to catch our breath and recollect (or regroup as the case may be).

Each day carries its own unique energetic signature based on the combination of astrological energies.  We contribute to the energetic imprint every day.  When these signatures “return,” they have their core themes along with whatever mental, emotional, or physical state we have projected into it in the past.

One of the nice things about the energetic signature of today is that it morphs our experience of time just when we need time to process.  It is exceptionally introspective energy.  Our minds will naturally quiet and work at a deeper, cleaner, more efficient level.  Our higher self overrides whatever is going on with us and endeavors to settle us down.  Please understand that I am talking about multiple levels or fields here.  This is working on all levels – physical, emotional, spiritual, interdimensional, space-time, consciousness.

To facilitate the process, take a step back or out and take a wider view.  Let the wiser version of yourself expand the parameters so that you gain clarity.