Wednesday, October 17, 2012


New Moon Phase – Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius

Today we see that to everything there is a season.  We see where adjustments need to be made – with things that have no lasting value or are no longer relevant. Inspiration fills the air today and is falling all around you like leaves in autumn.  This is happening to change your focus.  We’ve had a taste of the heaviness of the energy since Saturn entered Scorpio and today we will have some balance from that with a lift of lightness.  This will happen as the day progresses and the Moon moves toward Sagittarius.  Things have become very unbalanced (mentally, emotionally, physically) over the last two weeks and the planet is working to help us bring ourselves more toward a state of balance.  We’ve been holding our ground, anchoring ourselves to the Earth, and the energy will relieve us somewhat today so that we don’t have to hold on so tightly.  No matter if you are in the Northern or Southern hemisphere, the season is changing.  Signs and signals will be plentiful today, so shift your focus toward the lightness of being aware.