Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn

At the New Moon I mentioned that this month would bring new opportunities.  Today we see new paths and directions and the need to do things a different way.  This is good!  Don’t let fear stand in your way with this.  At the same time, use your own (keenly developed by now) sense of discernment if someone is trying to “reveal” something to you.  Aim for finding what is true for you and you will be guided toward exactly what you need.  Today’s energy carries the desire to escape from reality.   This is certainly a divine set-up because Neptune (‘escape”) at the first degree of Pisces is making a trine with Saturn (“reality”) at the first degree of Scorpio.   It’s part of what is pushing us toward new opportunities that are stabilizing and satisfying. It will be interesting to see where the day takes us and what type of revelations and insights we have by the end of it.