Friday, October 26, 2012

Gibbous Moon Phase – Moon in Pisces/Aries

Per this month’s theme of two energies existing side by side, today we have two things at play.  One side involves devotion, healing, and intention; the other side involves wounding and a push forward for power and domination.  Remember that the New Moon in Libra was conjunct the planet Eris, and with Eris things are always complex and more than they appear on the surface.  This makes communicating the nature of the energies a bit more challenging, but I will give it my best shot.  We will of course focus on the first side of the energy, while remaining aware that the other is also happening.

Today we need to intentionally devote ourselves to some aspect of healing.  This could be something you want to heal about yourself, but it also can be an intention to heal the human collective, particularly the unbalanced collective human psyche that has been tricked into believing that power and “success” in life comes from a sense of domination.  If you have been following the Oracle Report for a while, you know that I write that it is our job to heal our fellow humans by radiating a frequency that reveres the planet (Gaia/Sophia) and participates in her grand creative vision for humanity.  We don’t need to worry about healing the planet – she is  doing that all by herself.  Our fellow human beings are another matter entirely because they are deeply immersed in darkness, primarily due to mass illusion and trickery.  So today we want to find light – literally.  Find the Sun, find a flame, find someone who holds light – whatever it means to you.  Then do something to devote yourself to it (state your intention).  This should be simple, like saying “I devote myself to the intention of the planet to heal the schism of humanity.”  Or, if you want to keep it personal, you can state “Today I devote myself to healing ______ about myself.”

There is a lot of spiritual support behind our efforts with this, and one of the reasons for this is that the asteroid Vesta is now located at the degree opposite the Galactic Center.  Vesta is the “fire of home” and the Galactic Center, contrary to erroneous popular belief, is not a giant black hole.  It is the Source of love, light, and life in our galaxy.  The planet is our home and the Galactic Center is our home away from home.

Don’t underestimate things today.  There is power in our actions.

(Today’s picture of the Orionid meteor was taken by M.S. Moon on October 23 and posted on