Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Full Moon Phase – Moon in Taurus

I mentioned this past weekend that some days would be harder than others in the window of time until November 6.  Today is one of the better ones, so we have a breather.  We want to use this opportunity to focus on the idea of being like a rock or a rocky cliff because the energy favors the ability to see that what is developing is stronger and has more permanence than before.  There is a distinct benefit in practicing this.  Over the past year we practiced the shamanic skill of transforming perspective to an owl in a tree, peering out and observing but not being involved in the chaotic swirl outside.  We are able to readily revert to that state when needed.  Now, the skill of the rocky cliff enables us to be in the chaotic swirl but not be battered or thrown off by it.  This will become more and more important to maintain sanity over the next two years.  The rocky cliff is not just grounded – it is the ground.  It is immovable.  Feminine energy remains strong today and makes all types of creations empowered.  What would you like to create or reinforce today?  Feminine energy is the energy that creates or births things, so you can do a lot with today’s confluences of energy.

Thanks for all the well wishes during the storm.  All is good here.  We need to give thanks to the Sun for quieting down over the past few days so that its electromagnetic energy could not be used to power the storm even more.  (We live in an electric universe, contrary to what scientists say.)  Let’s send good energy to all of the Oracle Report owls in the path of the storm who now have to deal with the aftermath.