Monday, October 8, 2012

Third Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Cancer

SPECIAL NOTE:  If you participated in Friday’s group meditation and were in Colorado at the time, please email me at

Friday’s weak but long-duration CME has reached Earth and is going to draw things out – prolong them – today.  It may be a bit taxing.  Yesterday’s emotional “spillage” flows into today, so the effects of the CME will be felt most on our emotional bodies.  Emotions are running the gamut.  While we are trying to adjust to Saturn in Scorpio, we notice a few things: power and domination issues are surfacing and some people are irritated, angry, and acting ugly; lots of traffic accidents; fears are rising; we are trying to find ways to contain or structure ourselves in the wake of emotions; places where we’ve felt victimized are sore even if we think we’ve moved past them; and generalized confusion.  This is a time when we need to ground ourselves with the planet even more than normal.

Saturn in Scorpio is in trine to Neptune in Pisces (water signs – meaning emotional and changeable).  So whereas it is immediately understandable that Scorpios and anyone with two or more planets in Scorpio is being worked hard, it’s the Pisces that are having the most difficult time.  Anyone who is an early Pisces (especially with the birthday between February 19 and February 22) is taking a hit.  Neptune in its home sign of Pisces is lifting all illusions from Pisces, but the early Pisces have had the most powerful experience so far.  Now, the added influence of Saturn in Scorpio making a trine is going to make life harder for them to deal with.  Pisces don’t like dealing with life anyway, but now the desire to escape through alcohol and substances is going to be hard to control (it’s a Saturn in Scorpio thing).  I mention this because if a loved one of yours is a Pisces, take special care of them.  Scorpios are strong and wield their way through the world, but Pisces are tender and, try though they might, they struggle with the insanity of the world right now more than others.

Today we need to be observant.  Observe how people are handling this shift.  Detach yourself as much as possible if emotions start to overwhelm.  Keep in mind that all of this water energy is cleansing.  Water changes course as the course dictates.  Be flexible and don’t engage the fray.  Patience and gentleness is the order of the day.  We need time to get used to the way things are going to be while Saturn is in Scorpio (Christmas 2014).

Note to readers in Colorado:  I will post more information about last Friday’s meditation tomorrow.  I would like to give readers who may have just seen the request today time to respond.  Please don’t be alarmed.  Everything is fine and there is no need to be concerned.  I’m just taking data right now.