Gibbous Moon Phase – Moon in Aquarius

All of yesterday’s report applies to today also.  Are you receiving messages and information?

Today favors transformative realizations that take our focus away from basic instincts to a more spiritual perception.  This means that kundalini energy is being refined.  Our core fear (which is identified through our natal Black Moon) is going to receive some light today, allowing us to integrate more of this side of us.  This is wonderful because anytime we have the opportunity to bring that unconcscious shadow side into awareness we evolve.  Most of the problems in our lives are sourced in the shadow side.  Since it houses our unconscious fears, it is the place that motivates negative behavior – without us understanding why.  It’s our personal weakness or downfall and it causes us a great deal of pain.  But today, the energy is going to evaporate some of that shadow for us without a direct confrontation (usually shadow integration hits hard and heavy).

Also today you may find yourself in a position or feel the prompt to display your skills or talents or advocate for what you are worth and deserve.  Let the facts and the strength of who you are prop you up.  There is no need to show off but there is also no need to minimize.  Remember who you are.