Saturday, November 3 – Sunday, November 4, 2012


Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon in Cancer

The photo of Kileaua for this weekend’s report carries several different layers of meaning and the layer of life that this energy affects will be different for everyone. 

This month we’ve been practicing being a rocky cliff.  Well this weekend we are going to stretch ourselves a bit and morph that image into a bigger rocky cliff – a volcano.  An eruption of potential is upon us.  This is due to several confluences of energy, not the least of which is Venus in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn.  Things have the potential to erupt in the world and in our interpersonal lives, but we are going to follow a different lava flow with this energy.  What we want to concern ourselves with is what is happening with our hearts.  The heart chakra is being activated with a blaze – what you might call a “home fire.”  The desire for the feeling of home is strong this weekend.  The feeling of home carries many different layers of meaning.  For some it is a feeling of connection with others or a special other; for some it is the feeling of being comfortable in your own skin or comfortable in the company of like-minded people.  It is a lot of things.  But it’s a warmth that is felt at the deepest levels of the heart.

Now, if you have felt isolated, lonely, or concerned about anything related to the theme of a home or family (including family wounds) or the idea of security/insecurity in all its forms (financial, physical, emotional), this energy is going to press on you.  You might feel it welling up from inside you just like a volcano ready to erupt.  This is happening to bring your feelings to the surface so that they can be acknowledged and transformed into truth.  What is the nature of this truth?  Well, it has many layers of meaning.

This energy is being sent special delivery by Sophia to strengthen not only our connection with her, but also to enhance our understanding of the fact that we arealways sustained by her.  She is a constant, unseen energy always welcoming us home.  Because we are on the planet, we are always home.  We are never apart from home.  It is not a coincidence that this notion is being reinforced this weekend.  Sophia is directly interfacing with the collective now and anyone who has the desire to tune in is able to integrate her communication.  She wants us to know that we are sustained no matter what transpires around us.

What is transpiring around us is dark.  The potential for ugliness over the next four days is high.  So we are going to take this eruption of potential and turn it inside out.  Focus on love and light welling up from your heart, igniting, and bursting forth into the space around you.  We are actually going to transform space and time from our location on Earth (Gaia Sophia).  While you do it, know that this is coming from the core of the Earth herself and you are intimately linked to her.  She is the Sustaining Fire that transforms.

Don’t fight the changes to your heart this weekend, no matter what, because this is happening by Divine Co-Creation.