Saturday, October 6 – Sunday, October 7, 2012

Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon in Gemini/Moon in Cancer

A relatively weak, but long-duration CME (B-7) was released yesterday and will reach us on Monday.  This will tire out our bodies, so get some rest in reserve this weekend.

We will be adjusting to the energy shift of Saturn in Scorpio for a few days, but most heavily this weekend.  It’s especially intense on Saturday, and it will be important to take breaks.  Scorpio energy is heavy and it is a big change from the airy feeling of Libra.  You may interpret this new energy as a feeling of “lock down.”  We aren’t on lock down, but the shift may bring up feelings of confusion and feeling like you either need to be going somewhere in life but you don’t know where. or that you are already somewhere else but don’t know where you are.  Don’t panic.  This will settle out and become clearer as we acclimate.  The thing that will help is the thing that always helps: going outside and grounding/connecting yourself with the Earth.  Grounding with the Earth is what will keep us sane while insanity reigns.  Remember that this month we are engaging in direct conversation with the planet herself so keep the line of communication open by paying attention to nature.

Sunday brings a bit more volatility to the mix.  Mercury has moved into Scorpio along with Saturn and Sunday’s energy may cause things to “spill over” or “spill out.”  If there has been a build up or concentration of strong emotions, they are likely to pour out in a sudden outburst.  If you experience this, make sure you are careful with your words and keep in mind that sometimes things break so that they can be put back together to make them stronger and better.  If you feel like you are back where you started and the same pattern keeps repeating, make no mistake that this is not the case.  Everything has changed.

Thanks to those who participated in the group meditation yesterday.  From what I can tell, it was a wild success.  It’s rare for me to put out a call like that, but I may do it again as we hit other key astrological aspects with Saturn.  This will reinforce what we’ve already put in place.

Take in the beauty that’s around you this weekend.  You’ll find it everywhere.