Balsamic Moon Phase – Moon in LeoToday our minds are concerned with bigger questions. Even simple issues will be seen against the background of something greater. Patterns are becoming more visible, especially patterns where we have acted in accordance to what we think we deserve. This is happening to change our perspective. What is best for you? This is what we are confronted with today. There is a big answer to this and it speaks to the core of who we are. This relates directly to the Black Moon entering Gemini. It doesn’t matter if your Black Moon is in Gemini or not. This is being experienced at the collective level by everyone to some degree. From my book:The Black Moon in Gemini is the core fear of rejection. People pleasers, those with this placement are often left us wondering what it is they themselves like and dislike. This shadow manifests as a need to make decisions or act in accordance with whatever gains acceptance from others. It is damaging to the soul to pursue a life that others wish for us, as it comes at the expense of the expression of individual talents. Action based on or motivated by another leads to a suppression of the true self. It is a great disservice not to explore who we really are. It is also dangerous to “over-do” for others in hopes that they will like or approve or keep us; ultimately it leads to burn out. At the other end of the spectrum, this placement causes sudden and severe reactions to anything that hints at potential rejection, often causing serious challenges with relationships because we will reject someone before they can reject us. The Black Moon in Gemini will bail out too early or stay way too long.With the Black Moon in Gemini, it is necessary to face the need for others’ approval. Each of us has something special to offer the world. What is important is not if others approve of us, but if we approve of ourselves. That sounds very cliché, but with Black Moon in Gemini we need to provide our own approval. When you are able to consciously put yourself on the line to be rejected, intending that the outcome will not hinder your spirit, you will have regained the power that is trapped in the shadow side. When the shadow is healed, rejection ceases to be an issue because inner acceptance has been achieved – creating a wealth of talent that is available to the world.(Note: Thursday and Friday’s reports will be posted a little later than usual.)