Recently a friend asked a question about the Magdalenes, so I asked and received the following information:

I have been asked about The Order of the Magdalene. Please shed light on this Order for our better understanding.

Greetings! It is I, the One of many who have been and are a part of this Order. I am Isis, the Mother, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. We are as One and shall speak as One.

We are of The Order who brought wisdom and understanding to this plane of Earth. It is an Order to hold that wisdom within the earth plane. It was a necessity when it was devised that earth would become a dualistic planet. Therefore to put a “time” on it is when earth became into being as a planetary body.

We continue to hold the planet in our grip to assist in bringing about a more holistic/holistic embrace of the wholeness of being. It is about the will of the human spirit to understand itself as a body. It is a body in that the human is a body as One within the hologram of the planetary systems along with the spirit embodying the physical. The physical is just one of many manifestations of the Spirit. And each one of you decided to become a part of this project.

The Order was formed to keep pace with the management of the form within the spirit. The divine feminine resides within each human form. In reality there is no masculine and feminine. There only is spirit. To understand spirit is to embody in the physical as what each of you humans view as physical. Therefore the human is Spirit, just one of many manifestations.

The part of me known as Isis is the symbol of the birth of mankind in the female form. It is a nurturing aspect of the whole and therefore I am depicted in the drawings and petroglyphs as the lady with the spread wings. It is the protection of the wisdom within.

The title “Magdalene” came from the Essene sect The Magdhars. Those within the sect understood their roles as they kept the wisdom teachings alive in what is now called the Mystery Schools. The Mystery Schools have opened their classrooms as more of humanity awakens into their knowledge of themselves as Spirit in form. The one known to you as Jesus or Jeshua ben Joseph was a part of the wisdom teachings, therefore his parents and many of his family members were also members. In that time there was no membership requirements except the only pure in heart were the active participants. The bride of Jeshua, Mary, was also a member and her and Jeshua’s interactions and sharing came to be known as the beautiful couple. When they shared, each of their lights grew even brighter as they were known as the twin flame of the sacred feminine and sacred masculine. Yes, there were other women in Jeshua’s life, however not to the extent of the innermost love and devotion these two shared. The respect and honor each one had for one another was palpable. Therefore Jeshua’s love partner became known as Mary Magdalene, this title given her long after her departure in that embodiment from this earth.
Just know that this Order is in full power as each one of you begin to truly understand the divinity within.

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