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Served Upon the Following Entities and their Executives:

Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS)
Bank for International Settlements (BIS)


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Under penalty of enforcement of the lawful rights, powers and authorities detailed in this
Order, enforceable on national and international law enforcement and national and
international security levels of all countries involved, on the basis of applicable laws as
applied to the facts supported by evidence, you are hereby formally served this legal and
binding Order to Cease & Desist certain highly illegal and criminal activities.
Official criminal complaints to numerous agencies on various high levels in multiple countries
are already being actively prepared by qualified legal counsel with veteran law enforcement
and national security consultants, to be filed imminently. In the event of your failure or refusal
to deliver to us convincing formal written assurance and binding commitment to comply with
this Order, by reply within 3 banking days, then such criminal complaints will be filed.
Although specific laws of the United States are referenced here as having effect and jurisdiction in
this matter, you are hereby WARNED that similar and analogous criminal laws of all related countries
based upon the same fundamental legal doctrines also apply, and are equally enforceable.
Immediate Demand Under Force of Law
Based upon information obtained from credible and reliable confidential sources, we have reason to
believe that your organization, its responsible executives and also employees, have begun
preparation and/or implementation of certain highly criminal actions that are the subject of this Order.
We hereby lawfully demand that you immediately CEASE & DESIST from any and all of the following
acts, courses of action, and planning or preparation for acts of misconduct that are in clear, direct,
flagrant and indefensible violation of established and enforceable criminal laws:
 Any efforts to alter, conceal, modify, replace or otherwise change legal access to and control
over assets (gold deposits and derivative rights arising therefrom) of private ownership deriving
from President Soekarno of Indonesia, in breach of documented fiduciary obligations of UBS
as bound to secure and protect such private ownership, and in violation of UBS obligations
under international treaties established in 1960 and 1961, and reaffirmed in 1963 and 1966.
 Any efforts to utilize, leverage, borrow against, devalue, re-assign, rename, or otherwise
change any accounts or account numbers, access codes, verification codes, or control of any
or all of the private assets deriving from President Soekarno of Indonesia, for the benefit of any
unauthorized third parties.
 Any efforts to in any way diminish or undermine the legal and binding exclusive authority of
Keith F. Scott and Neil F. Keenan, on behalf of the true beneficial owners of the accounts and
lawful owners of the assets and rights thereto contained therein, as the duly appointed Settlors
of the Soekarno Trust by legal power of attorney from the direct original heirs of the Trust.
Legal Basis for Demand Order
The above-listed actions, which you are hereby demanded to Cease & Desist, presently do and/or
would constitute severe violations of the following US criminal laws (and also their corresponding
equivalent laws of Switzerland and other countries):
 Abusing any apparent legal authority or “color of law” to deprive any person of any rights under
a sovereign Constitution or any other laws (18 USC 242).
 Conspiring to violate or interfere with any rights under the Constitution or other laws, by injury
(including property loss), oppression, threat or intimidation (18 USC 241).
 “Racketeering” (organized crime) as interference with commerce under color of official
authority (18 USC 1951(a), 1951(b)(2), (Chapter 95)), or conspiring for racketeering (18 USC
 “Racketeering”, by patterns of bribery or extortion, or related to financial institutions (18 USC
 Retaliation against a victim or witness (18 USC 1513(e)(1)), or conspiring for retaliation (18
USC 1513(e)(2)).
 Tampering with victims or witnesses by intimidation or misleading conduct, to interfere with
reporting crimes to law enforcement (18 USC 1512(b)).
 Bribe taking as official conflict of interest for anything of value including indirect or promised
future benefits (18 USC 201(b)(2)).
 Fraud by exceeding authorized access to any computer to obtain anything of value (18 USC
1030(a)(4)), or trafficking in any password or access code for a computer that affects interstate
or foreign commerce (18 USC 1030(a)(6)(b)), and with any computer used by or for a financial
institution, “including a computer located outside the US that… affects interstate or foreign
commerce of the US”. (18 USC 1030(e)(2)).
 Fraudulent making of any false entry or transaction in any banking institution including a
foreign bank that would injure any organization, company or individual (18 USC 1005).
 Fraud or devising any means to defraud, or seeking to obtain money or property by false
pretenses or misrepresentation, by any “wire” (telephone or internet) transmission in interstate
or foreign commerce (18 USC 1343).
 Fraud or attempted fraud to obtain any funds or assets under custody or control of a financial
institution by false pretenses or misrepresentation (18 USC 1344).
 Conspiracy or attempt to commit any fraud, subject to same penalties and punishment as for
the primary offense (18 USC 1349).
Evidentiary Basis for Demand Order
Claimants are in physical possession of originals, and multiple notarized copies (in multiple locations)
having the same legal force and effect as the originals, of a large collection of documentary evidence
meeting all relevant standards of admissibility under federal rules of evidence for courts and law
enforcement. Below are only limited and partial references to some of that large body of solid
evidence, that forms the basis for the present demand Order and all related enforcement actions:
US Federal Jurisdiction over Present Case
It is a legal fact that Union Bank of Switzerland was additionally bound as a third-party fiduciary
trustee conservator of the original Soekarno gold deposit assets, as a ratifying signatory to the Green
Hilton Memorial Agreement (Geneva, 1963 and 1966) signed as a binding treaty between President
of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy and President Soekarno of Indonesia (and
documented owner of the assets) (photographic documentary evidence attached). Violation of the
commercial, legal and financial rights and interests of the original (and current) true owners as
signatories to that treaty with the President of the United States is thereby subject to US jurisdiction,
as a violation of a direct fiduciary obligation to the United States of America itself.
One of the authorized power of attorney Settlors of the true original and beneficial owners of the
assets is Neil Keenan, as evidenced by the notarized Full Power of Attorney by Bayu Soekarno Putra
on January 30, 2012 (photographic documentary evidence attached). It is a legal fact that Neil
Keenan is a United States citizen, as evidenced by his previous US Passport No. Z-8205672, issued
December 18, 2000 (photographic documentary evidence attached). Violation of his commercial,
legal and financial rights and interests (both as principal and/or proxy) is thereby subject to US
jurisdiction, as a violation of US federal laws.
US Foreign Jurisdiction over Criminal Violations
For violations of federal criminal laws of the United States, US federal authorities have jurisdiction to
serve summons upon foreign witnesses and take possession of foreign evidence (28 USC 1783), and
to initiate and assist in arrests of all violators in cooperation with foreign law enforcement agencies
(22 USC 2291(c)(2)). When the crimes undermine US sovereignty or its constitution (10 USC
502(a)), US authorities may also assign military forces from its Embassy and/or other facilities in the
host country to size evidence and make arrests together with foreign law enforcement (US AFM 3-07,
The present situation, caused by your own intentions, preparations and/or actions that we have
detected, is already solidly positioned to escalate into devastating liabilities and penalties for your
organization(s) and all participating individuals therein, on an unprecedented level that your legal
counsels or legal department(s) will be unqualified to handle and unable to effectively defend against.
_____________________________ _____________________________
Settlor of Trust – Lien Claimant Settlor of Trust – Lien Claimant
Keith Francis SCOTT Neil Francis KEENAN
Issued and Served: May 14, 2012