We enter 2013 massively transformed beyond any previous boundaries. Many people experienced an infusion of LOVE on a scale never before experienced. Some experienced a profound paradigm shift from the duality-based illusion that “someone” or “something” would come to “save us” to the wide-eyed awakening that WE ARE THE ONES! This journey from “external expectations” to “internal knowing” took but a nano second, but flipped everything over.
calendar2013Now, we are outwardly living the same lives as before, but everything has dramatically changed. We have been thrust into a vastly expanded New Landscape. Our vision has become so expanded, much of what used to be able to grab our attention in the past, is seen as minuscule now. 2013 is a year of profound change as we come into our own as True Ones, and lead the supra normal lives anchored in the Ultra Greater Reality that have always been intended for us.
2013 is the Chinese Year of the Snake, but it can be more accurately described as the Year of the Snake Shedding its Skin. This is because anything which is not honest and authentic will be removed from us on every possible level. Often this will happen with surprising ease; it will simply dissolve away. We are unearthing an incredible amount of long-buried stuff that needs our attention.
If we try to stuff it back into our hidden corners and pretend it’s not there, health issues may arise. Any attachments that we have to duality will be constantly magnified until they are surrendered. If we are still caught in our old stories and continue to repeat old duality-based patterns, this year could be a bumpy ride until we learn to set them aside.
Everything has so profoundly changed since the events of the final months of 2012 that we need to rediscover who we are now and what we really want. Once we are clear on what we want, not limiting ourselves to old dreams, everything will fall into place. Be clear about your heart’s desires, for they are like shining jewel lights dropped like bread crumbs to remember the way. Listen to your Heart’s Knowingness. Again and again, we need to ask ourselves, “What do I really want?”, “Who am I becoming?”, “What am I creating in my life?” and “What gives me the greatest joy?”.
We need to prepare for the Unexpected. Expect the Unexpected all year long. Anything can happen all across the full spectrum of experience. It could be brilliant, terrible, exquisitely beautiful, deeply sad, profoundly touching or beyond our Wildest Dreams. It’s important that we don’t limit the unfolding potentials with any of our beliefs or understandings; they’re way beyond anything we can imagine.
Be open without being attached to any interim steps, results and expectations, as nobody yet sees the wh*** picture. 2013 will contain many unexpected twists and turns making it absolutely necessary to be completely flexible at all times. Freshness is essential. We need to be ready to correct our course at any moment, as new information emerges. If we Expect the Unexpected, surfing the changes will be fun. This is true for even the most challenging tsunamis, for they enable us to demonstrate our new mastery.
We begin this year in a stripped down state, feeling that most of our artifice of our superficial personality is gone. We discover that we don’t miss it and don’t need it anymore. We are still integrating the profound changes that occurred in November and December of last year. Everything needs to be thoroughly recalibrated. Everything needs to be greatly expanded so it can move into the vast realm of the Diamond of the Unseen.
If we have completed our old stories, we will enter 2013 with a blank canvas before us. We have been presented with blank canvases before, but this time we can dare to bring out our boldest brush strokes, wildest colors and the deepest yearnings of our Wildest Dreams. We are no longer limited by our old perceptions of “what is possible” or of “what we thought we wanted”.
We’ll feel the deep quiet and stillness of the Sacred Pause until the end of January, and maybe even longer. During this time, we will be clearing out more layers of untrueness. Many new openings, insights and opportunities will come to us and we will be making preparations for the months to come. Even so, it’s important that we don’t try to rush things, but let them unfold in their right timing.
Around the beginning of February, the big waves of Quantum Surf will start coming in again. As long as we’re true and clear and open – they won’t knock us off balance. If we’re still holding onto our old story – they’re going to shake off all the ballast.
The funny thing is that our old stories are not only the stories that we’ve been writing for lifetimes. It’s our yesterday too. What was true yesterday may no longer be true; if so, it will fall away, making space for even greater Trueness. It’s important not to get attached to the tools we used and the steps we took to become Jewels that worked perfectly before and served us well, the things that brought us to where we are now.
They might not belong to our New Story.
March is the month where the tsunamis start coming in. The Full Zoom manifests and many elements start moving into their right positions. April is the ‘A Mu’a month in which everything accelerates even more. After that, it’s Beyond our Wildest Dreams territory for the rest of the year for those who have completed their old stories.
In the new, expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen, a lot of things might still keep their usual form, but we’ll see how their true essence will reveal itself and become visible so we might use them in completely new ways. That’s what gives our lives more colors, more sparkles and a wh*** new dimension of possibilities.
This has to do with the hidden treasures and Seeing the Unseen. Everything revealing its true essence is like a hidden treasure opening itself to us. We’ll see and interact directly with the core essence of everything, which will give us new perceptions and the possibility of creating new, deeper, true ways of living.
Many beloved people left the planet last year and even more will leave this year. What’s surprising is that some Second Wave people are now being pulled out. This is a huge wake-up call for us to walk a TRUE PATH at all times. We need to treat every day as if it were our first and our last. Honor the preciousness of your relationships. Tell the ones who are special to you that you love them. Express your gratitude. Remember that everything is sacred and every moment is the chance of a lifetime.
Some friends and family are also leaving our lives, not through death, but simply because there is no solid foundation of honesty and transparency in the relationship. We can no longer stay in dishonest relationships, for they now feel too uncomfortable. There needs to be honesty, openness and mutual support. When these relationships suddenly collapse, it can be surprisingly liberating to let them go.
Throughout this momentous year, there will be a dramatic turn toward Oneness. Duality is making its final call and creating much drama to get people’s attention. But the True Ones know better. Mother Earth is cleansing, preparing, and so are we. The True Ones are needed, more than ever, to guide and assist those who are still awakening.
All year long, many missing pieces of the Cosmic Jigsaw Puzzle will click into position. Soon the Big Picture will become much clearer to everybody, not just to those who are already experts in connecting the dots. When enough of humanity can see the Big Picture, people will activate en masse and know what to do, because they will spontaneously know who they truly are.
We are being given all the experiences necessary for us to fully emerge as shining Jewels so we can live a True Life in a New Reality. 2013 will bring us lots of Quantum Leaps, breakthroughs and new discoveries. The Green Lights will finally turn on for those creative projects that have been waiting for us to become Jewels in the Crown. There is the sense that we can be and do everything, without knowing how, but knowing that we will.
Much of this year will be spent exploring our expanded New Landscape. To do this, we will have to greatly expand our beings. We will be like babies, discovering our toes and fingers, learning to walk and finding our voice in this unfamiliar, but wondrous new place. We are discovering new ways to interact with our self, new ways to interact with each other and new ways to interact with the Earth.
Many of us will feel that we have an extra energy inside ourselves, ready for the New Year. There will be lots of natural phenomena appearing this year, such as Sunbows (Sundogs) and Moonbows in the skies, to confirm that we are in a totally New Landscape.
There will be a bounty of creative opportunities and activities throughout the year. These will help ease our way into this transformational return to non-duality living. Instant manifestation is a routine occurrence now and into the future. Our energy is overflowing and powerful beyond belief. We can transform anything. There will be more shattering of old world phenomena, because it no longer fits. Power will be expressed in gentler, deeper, truer ways – steeped in True Heart Love and Oneness.
Much will be washed away / blown off / burned out / shaken away, and through these strong shifts, we will hold the resonance of Trueness in the core of our beings for the benefit of All.
We are increasingly realizing that our new True Purpose is a collective purpose, not an individual one. In order to connect with our True Purpose, we must first come together with our True People and True Places. This will happen throughout the year. That’s when we leap into ONE BEING IN ACTION and all things are possible.
2013 brings us an absolute NEW BEGINNING. We are ready – more real, honest, empowered, transparent and loving than ever before. We are given all the support we need, on level after level, to move our lives onto the truest trajectory possible. The new MUA has fully landed. Our New True Lives have begun.
May we align with our True People, True Homes and True Purpose. Living True Lives as True Ones.
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