This documentary takes a look at the thousands of declassified government pages on UFOs, UFO crashes and alien beings. It explores the MJ-12 documents and discusses the IPU (Interplanetary Phenomena Unit) of the military and much more. There are people that question the authenticity of the MJ12 Documents which is simply typical skepticism and debunking. What would really be amazing would be if the U.S. Government did not form a blue ribbon panel to examine the UFO phenomena. It would only be a matter of time on how and when some Majestic 12 papers would make into the public arena.

This film will be placed in the documentary page which will have permanent residence on the top menu bar of this site. Right now there are about 15 documentaries on the page and it will be expanding over the next few weeks and months. Each documentary has been selected for its realistic and plausible content, each film presents a story on one or more aspects of the UFO phenomena, there is little overlap of information and each film can stand on its own merits.