Dear Readers,

PAUL-CRAIG-ROBERTSI am flattered by the traffic on this site, and by the generosity of donors from across the United States–large cities and small villages–and the world. We have donations from Indonesia, Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mexico, most countries in Europe and from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It is exciting to me that people from around the world realize the stakes and seek better information than the media, public officials, and corporations provide.

It is encouraging that people around the world ask my permission to translate my columns into their languages and post them on their websites. My columns even appear in Azerbaijan.

Still, we have far more readers than donors.

The peoples of the world are not stupid. They realize what it means that a nuclear armed “superpower” intends to exercise hegemony over them. They realize that there are people with better reasons to be proud than the lawless neocon inhabitants of Washington and that Washington’s ambitions are likely to result in the destruction of human life.

Have you ever seen videos of Iran or visited the country? This ancient civilization not only has ancient monuments and extraordinary museums, but also beautiful modern cities, roadways, natural beauty, and a better educated population than the United States.

Washington wants to bomb Iran into the stone age simply because Iran, a signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (which means weapons), intends to exercise its rights under the treaty to nuclear energy. Washington’s position is that Iran must be denied its rights under the treaty or be destroyed. Every other signatory can have its nuclear energy rights, but not Iran.

Clearly, the US government has taken a totally lawless position, which is consistent with
the lawlessness with which it rules at home.

Bombing independent countries into the stone age is a favorite threat of the criminals in Washington. The media does not hold those who issue such threats to account. This site does.

Americans need to understand that “their” government, that is, the government in Washington that belongs to Wall Street, the military/security complex, the Israel Lobby, Monsanto and agribusiness, and to the mining, energy, and timber industries, not only thinks that Americans are gullible, but also believes that you are completely stupid.

Perhaps some of the population noticed–but not the media–that the minute the unconstitutional, illegal, universal spying by the NSA became an issue with the population, Congress, and the puppet allies, the Obama regime pushed the Fear Button. A “threat” was proclaimed to have been discovered that al Qaeda, an organization that Washington is supporting in its attack on the Assad government in Syria and which benefits from US military contracts in Afghanistan, had targeted 19 US embassies across the Middle East and North Africa.

In some magical way, closing the embassies for the week-end, and apparently now also for this week, has saved the embassies from destruction by al Qaeda. I am surprised that Washington did not set off bombs in the embassies in order to prove the value of the NSA’s illegal and unconstitutional spying.

Give a minute’s thought to the idiocy of the government’s claim. Washington has been at war with al Qaeda for more than a decade and claims to have killed its top leaders, including Osama bin Laden. Yet, al Qaeda is stronger than ever–indeed, so strong that it not only fights in Syria, with Washington’s help, against Assad, but also fights the US in Afghanistan, causes ongoing destruction in Iraq, and has the capability to attack US embassies all across the Middle East and North Africa.

If Washington’s story is correct, clearly Washington has lost the war. The NSA spying is useless. Al Qaeda has become such a threat that Americans are safe nowhere despite the decade long wars and universal surveillance.

This shows how utterly stupid Washington is. By hyping non-existent threats, Washington proves its own impotence.

Nothing that Washington or the media–a.k.a. the Ministry of Propaganda–tells you is true. Even official statistics are a lie, as you can see from my report below on the latest employment numbers.