I’m sure you’re feeling not only that New Moon but the Jupiter/Pluto/Uranus T-square, too!  Gotta say, it all adds up to BIG DRAMA TIME!   We’re having some big drama as the Healing Festival heads north and this traveling band of healers gets tighter and tighter all the time.

The Pele Report pretty much says enough (along with the mantra), and I just hope you hold onto your hat (and some space when you need it) to flow with the changes Life is now requesting all of us to make.  Time to change the world by changing ourselves haha!

I wish you all the best and will try and upload as much of the festival proceedings as possible.  The internet here is spotty at best, so it is looking like video clips rather than the Live Stream we had envisioned.  I’m sure you’re making your own movie these days anyway….. Injoy the process….. Kaypacha

As I speak my truth I must be prepared,
For others to feel, react, and share,
If I can get over feeling threatened and scared,
I will learn the lessons Life has for me there.