tomlescher1Let the games begin!  If all that homey energy in Cancer wasn’t enough, now Mars is going to enter the arena….. look out!  Time for the passions to run high for the next 6 weeks or so… are you ready?!  They may run so high that they drive you right out of the house haha!  Or maybe you just have to work ON the house, or on the fam relations, or cut cords with the past etc, etc, etc…..  
One way or the other, I don’t see it as a time to be sitting around for long!  After a workshop here in San Jose, Costa Rica this weekend , I will be heading back to the old US of A to hit the road with the Kaypacha Healing Festivals!   YES!  The tribe is already gathering in CA and the energy is building…. grab your tickets and come join us at
On the NPA Community-building project,  I’m glad to announce the release of the 1/2 hour vid: “Lilith/Jupiter in Cancer,” an astrology forum, lessons, transcriptions and more.  I’m also pleased to introduce my friend, Bobby Klein PhD.  He has been interpreting the I Ching for over 30 years under many masters.  For more on his work please CLICK HERE!  
Bobby is our NPA Community special guest this month, and is now preparing a special offering that I will be posting shortly to the Community.  In it, he will share his wisdom regarding the nature of our times, the challenges, the opportunities, and the collective intention.  In the meantime, 
For more info on the NPA Community CLICK HERE

Looking farther ahead down the road of the future, I look forward to presenting at the IN5D convention in Florida this October (along with some other east coast venues), and then heading down to join Miguel Angel for a Sacred Mayan Journey next February!   Please CLICK HERE for more information on that special experience.  I hope that you are flowing with the intense energies of this time which call, in a way, for a willingness to be uprooted or torn from the past in order to fully move into and create a new future.  I hope we can do it together… aloha….. Kaypacha


I feel a storm is brewing,
It both frightens and excites,
My powerful natural instinct,
Like lightning soon will strike.