tomlescher1OK!  It was something scouring the web for pics of birth …. didn’t know if I should get one of a mom, a star, a planet, seed, whew!  This is a time of great expectancy, a time to ACTIVELY RE-CREATE ourselves anew!  Go for it!  Be what you have always wanted to be, express your unique (perhaps slightly crazy/loony) self.  Go ahead…. see what happens.  Don’t hold back waiting for the “right time” or you might explode like a new star!

Like I said in the Pele Report (by the way, Pele is the Hawaiian goddess of the volcano which is currently still birthing new earth!), I’m back to the US tomorrow to hit the road with the Kaypacha Healing Festivals!  Still time to get your tickets to one of the four healing extravaganzas that will be happening later this month and next. Our Garberville, CA festival starts on July 26th. Check out

Besides that I’ll be hosting the first Q & A webinar this Saturday fielding questions about Lilith, the grand trines happening, and more.  We’re birthing the New Paradigm Community which includes the webinar and much much more… If you want to get more into this astrology stuff you should check it out!  NPA Community

It is important to find outlets for the passionate emotional energy now building up within us.  This time of creation can also manifest as destruction of the old, outworn, and limiting structures of our lives.  Don’t let it get you down….

The dark, wet, womb of the Mother,
Is preparing to birth yet another,
New World unlike any other,
As my TRUTH now lies UNCOVERED!