Crop circles, animal mutilations, consciousness, etc are looked at thoroughly in this presentation.-A.M.

Anne Beversdorf –

This was one of the most exciting presentations I’ve seen in a VERY long time. I urge you to take a look. Thanks to INACS videographers for the use of the video! (INACS, the Institute for Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies, is a sister organization of Austin IONS–Institute of Noetic Sciences)

You can find more information in Penny’s books (check her name on Amazon. She has collaborated for years with former University of Michigan biophysicist William C. Levengood in designing hard-science experiements that measure and study “alternative energy” phenomena.

“When [Levengood] began to study plants and soils from crop formations in 1999, he had no idea that this research would eventually reveal astounding secrets about energy and the nature of consciousness.
Penny Kelly,
Penny Kelly, “New Worlds of Energy,” Part 1 of 3, INACS & IONS-Austin, 2013-03-19
“Although he began with materials from crop circles, he soon began to examine materials from cattle mutilation sites, UFO sites, people who had been in contact with ETs, and people who could demonstrate unusual energies. Along the way, he met Penny Kelly, long-time researcher of consciousness, and the two began to work together.

Penny Kelly, “New Worlds of Energy,” Part 2 of 3, INACS & IONS-Austin, 2013-03-19
“Part mystery, part science, and part consciousness, the book tells the story of Levengood’s discovery of a new form of energy in plants, animals, and humans. This energy was all the more remarkable because it responded directly to consciousness. As the research and collaboration continued, it yielded an entirely new array of insights.

Penny Kelly, “New Worlds of Energy,” Part 3 of 3, INACS & IONS-Austin, 2013-03-19

“Some of the results include the first scientific explanation of crop circles, a new theory postulating that humans, plants, and animals are a collection of plasmas, an explanation of subtle energies, new technology for measuring subtle energies, technology that can track and measure the action of both individual consciousness and global consciousness, validation of intuition, a scientific understanding of what happens in a kundalini experience, and deep insights into the nature of spiritual transformation. This is the second book in a 3-volume set focused on extraordinary research into consciousness and energy, and in this volume, science, and spirituality come together in ways that present us with an entirely new worldview.”