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Posted by GLR Vina

It’s been months since I’ve written an update.

For the most part, I’ve been playing the silent witness and neutral observer to my own radical inner shifts and also within other circles of connections.

Watching the pendulum swinging wildly from one extreme to the other and back to centre – but only fleetingly – before finding myself surfing the next tsunami, has been such a trip.

I know I haven’t been alone in that energetic roller coaster ride. The manic states, loony bin laughter, euphoric bliss and everything in between is much like taking a huge psychedelic trip followed by a gigantic spliff from Puff the magic dragon.

Yes I’m being metaphorical here, but if you haven’t already been in the galactic spin cycle – wash, rinse and repeat a zillion times, just wait your turn. I’m reminded of being a character in Hunter S Thompson’s ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ – only it’s ‘Frolicking and Levitating in Los Limbos’ for me. You can take that as a warning or exciting anticipation.

We seed and create our own reality. What are you creating?


What I have come to appreciate is, perspective. Some months ago I found myself ‘homeless’ and spent a night out under stars, quite literally on the streets. It brought me to a different level of appreciation for life, for love, for things that matter. Being on social media also gives me a lot of perspective, witnessing what others are going through – the transitions of loved ones passing on, the trials and tribulations of this journey of ascension, heck .. just life in general – more importantly the beautiful souls who have every reason to break down and cry, yet are online daily, posting supportive comments and inspiring others during these shifting times. These are the people that have my utmost respect and compassion.

I lot of what I post resonates with where my journey is at. We’re all taking slightly different routes and that’s okay, so while some articles resonate more with some than others, my general slant is that if there is a kernel of wisdom in a message – whether that is one line, one paragraph in a channeling or commentary – then that is what was needed at the time. For me, it doesn’t really matter who the messenger/writer/author is – the method of distillation is such, that if one is open to accepting the ‘concentrate’ or ‘joie de vivre’, one will get it.

My shifts come fast and furious at times, so to even begin to express those rapid shifts to myself, (let alone on a blog) escape articulation more often than not. I find that someone else has tapped into that experiential akashic field and written it for me, so it’s a welcome source of comfort. I even let my own blogs fall by the wayside in the last two years, as I went through the repeated tumble-dry episodes. I have since re-vamped my blogs and will soon begin to share some of my own musings once again there.

Decipher and Discern

I usually don’t write commentary on articles I post. I believe in leaving one’s ability to discern and decipher the information to their own jurisdiction. Of course, that’s just my take and not the case with all editors. It’s also informative and entertaining to read another’s perspective, but it does/should not detract from one’s ability to form their own opinion and draw their own conclusions. There have been times when I haven’t felt like reading articles here or anywhere else, for days at a time. Truth be told, I haven’t even listened to any of the radio shows but I do read (some of) the transcripts. I’m more of a quantum speed reader who prefers to take in the downloads that I am guided to or drawn to.

I find it helpful to be energetically discerning, even discriminating with what I read and allow into my space – if something feels heavy or dense, I skip it. I don’t force myself to read anything that requires effort or seems to lower my frequency or attention these days. I think many of us are getting good at that. It also helps to be mindful of the energy we bring to any situation or space. Instead of being immediately reactive, take the time to recollect with your own thoughts and vibrations before consciously responding to situations.

Multidimensional Super Powers Activate

What I wanted to share is the rapid rate of multidimensional abilities many of us have been gifted with. You may have noticed incredibly expanded senses and skills – even more so than six months ago. Straddling the thin veil between two dimensions has been a wild ride!

Not just in the visual acuity department, but the creative and mental faculties have increased exponentially. Remembering slivers of moments, memories in this life and past lifetimes seems to be a deep soul cleanse and re-calibration in process for a lot of us. Little things like being able to use your non-dominant hand, or writing poetry again or having a sudden ability to take up something creative and soul expanding.

Let’s not forget the acute telepathy and seeing through people’s BS. It’s almost like being a multidimensional human lie detector. You just know when someone’s pulling your leg and not being straight with you. For the empaths (like me), the chaotic energy of the world comes knocking at your door in a fierce way. Everything and everyone has the ability to have a psychic hold, unless you maintain vigilance and keep those energetic boundaries intact.

I know that can be easier said than done sometimes and there are varying modalities out there to assist us. Find what resonates. Personally, I like to keep things simple. My soul knows all it needs to.. deep down inside.

I’ve been on extracurricular activity in my sleep time as a sentinel – guardian defender. Heavy duty dream stuff. Some of you are doing this too, various roles in various domains and dimensions, for the most part in silence without the limelight or accolades. In fact, there are many of you who are doing incredible light work, without tooting your own horns. You are showing up as amazing beacons of love and light with those around you and I just want to acknowledge you for the beautiful souls and multidimensional beings that you are.

I posted an image and quote from the Arcturians a couple of months ago and it went viral on Facebook and someone put the quote on the image I posted. Maybe you’ve seen it? It was even re-posted by people like Gregg Braden. I thought it was a beautiful reminder. Not all of us are meant to be on the front line or in the lime light. Some do the most important work behind the scenes in sacred silence.


Watch those Triggers

I’ve noticed that the last week or so (preceding the blue moon last Friday) was an intense time for many – going by my newsfeed on Facebook. Many were finding themselves mired in the psychological quicksand stuck on groundhog day. Perhaps someone from your past re-emerged making ridiculous demands trying to drag you back into their drama. For me, I had three separate episodes of this. And boy, did those hairy curve balls come out of nowhere.

If I wasn’t conscious of the shift, I might have freaked out. Despite the diligent conscious clearing and integrating work, I noticed that another ‘incident’ triggered many as they found themselves reeling headlong back in those old patterns of guilt manipulation and shadow knee jerk reactions. Take heart. Be gentle with yourself and remember to have compassion for those around you.

Share and Shine

You are warriors of conscious love and light. Your soul shines bright from the heavens and galaxies afar and you are definitely not alone. Maybe this is something we all keep hearing ad nauseum, but whatever hardships we may be currently enduring, stay connected with those who understand and share this monumental shift we are going through – soul community – whether it is on a discussion group or kindred soul Facebook .

Sometimes, I have to remember to take my own advice. I’m very much a recluse and introvert and prefer my solace over group interaction, but whatever the outcome, I am treating this journey as a beautifully wacky and wild experience.

Don’t forget to make peace with and enjoy as much of 3D as it is now, find the magic and see it all around – amidst nature, children laughing, feelgood films, beautiful music and all those soulful moments when and where, as often as you can. And lastly, just chill out and breathe… (so I keep reminding myself)

I won’t be able to attend the 2012 Conference, but …

“If you want me, you can find me, left off centre, off of the strip
In the outskirts and in the fringes, in the corner out of the grip.”

~ Suzanne Vega