Beloved Alexandra,
Fields_of_soyThank you for your candid and prompt response.
Soy is the base of most meat alternatives
there is non GMO soy available
the soy is bad for our health is a 100% cabal launched fear tactic so people prolonge the switching to non meat alternatives
so they can roll their animal foods profits games bit longer
in the link I’ve provided you there are decades of reasearch by awaken alternative wellness doctors and activists, sharing more than enough scientifical analysis re. why NON GMO soy is actually GOOD for us in balanced quantities
the “ALL soy is bad for us” cabal sponsored disinfo campaign is flawed and evidently aimed at diminishing the imminent mass acceptance that for our intermediate transition, organic, non gmo soy in non excessive quantities is by far much better than even so called “organic, humanely” raise meat which is also fed with GMO SOY
any alternative media outlet launching ALL SOY IS BAD disinfo needs to accurately present BOTH sides of stories and allow readers to make their own informed decision, imho
you are cordially invited to study The truth about soy link in the previous message and post through your newsletter THE OTHER side of the story, as a fair game
as I too have mentioned in my email, I acknowledge Mercola’s merits for being a pioneer in medical big pharma whistle blowing but within later years, he too, like most others have fallen into the MAKING A HUGE profit temptation by selling cruelty based foods disguised as ORGANIC MEATS, failking to represent THE GREATES GOOD of this planet for personal taset, palateable pleasure and profit
he aged quickly and he doesn’t look as healthy as he attempts to come across
I’ve sent you the TRUTH about WHO is behind Weston Price foundation now
originally Weston Price was recomeding PLANT BASED DIETS
but this type of eating keeps people healthy and healthy is non profitable right?
then, like with everything else GOOD in our world, cabal’s infiltration and take over has gradually changed the Weston Price dietery guidelines to ALL ANIMAL BASED FOODS
why is it that when it comes to FOOD, even those who believe to be awaken, have hard time taking that last yet MOST important RED PILL?
is it the addiction to meat and conditioning still rampant that WE NEED DEAD FOODS for our LIVING BODIES?
or both…
would HE continue to offer ORGANIC MEAT at the cost of our PLANET?
he seems like he does, for he was notified in several occasions within the last 2 years that SUSTAINABLE animal farming is destroying our plane, yet, he continues to sell it
Sustainable animal farming myth debunked

 “HUMANE” MEAT, dairy, eggs and fish FOOD myth debunked

Foods that KILL or foods that HEAL our planet
Why the VEGANISM urgency and pressure?
There will be zero hellhouses (slaughterhouses) on NEW EARTH Alexandra
ZERO killing, exploitation
there is NO HAPPY KIlling Alexandra, is it?
would YOU and your loved ones be grateful to other beings who’d raise you guys in a “happy farm” and someday any of you would be forced by electrical prods onto some dirty truck which will drive you to some hellspot and experience literal hell on earth while your family is left behind, awaiting same fate sometimes down the line?
is this kind of basic switching roles understanding that will cure humanity of various degrees of SPECIEsm
as we will stop being the cattle and chattel of ill-uminati, so we’ll instantly release those whose ill-uminaty we continue to demand to remain, disguised as happy meat and happy killing
we need to warm to this and fast because change will be fast
of BOTH sides of story, WHICH one best resonates with you Alexandra?
the one which destroys
saves our world
the one with cruelty and torment involved
the compassionate version?
the ball is now in everyone’s court to decide how much truth they share with  the world
entering a new galactic society, KILLING sentient beings will definitely keep us prohibbited from obtaining a membership
we agree to disagree on many things
but when it comes to such urgent, vital message, with OUR planet’s LIFE involved and at the cost of countless sentient beings being unnecessarily STILL brutally forced out of their bodies for our bbq’s and pizzas, I already know that the Pleiadians and all other benevoloent galactics are on the TRUTH, LOVE, COMPASSION and PLANETARY WELLBEING side.
And this is why I’m passionate about it. Because my current home world and my sentient family is being wiped off at high speed due to ongoing oblivion from even some of the most awakened ones which by now they should know how to accurately tell the difference between real truth and infiltrated type.
I’ve never dreamed that I’d find myself in the position I’m in, awakening the most awakened in this world.
All my Love,