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What can you do?

AlertEvery private individual can make a difference and collectively we can become one.

Firstly we must support Neil and the team because without this final push the cabal will win hands down.

Secondly you can all do your own research and become educated and then pass your knowledge on to loved ones, friends or even get up and do what I do  “tell the world.”

Thirdly learn how to lobby your local politicians and central government politicians (.not that it will do any good but you can certainly keep trying) and maybe just one will listen to you and set off a chain reaction…….you can call this the domino effect but I prefer to call it the butterfly effect because gentle movements can set off a hurricane lol!!!

Take a look at one of many emails I have sent to leaders and heads of government below and fully understand that if you keep pushing the knife in with solid evidence you will eventually break the cycle……..remember facts and figures or graphs and pictures cannot be pushed to one side………so folk’s go on give it ago and nail your representatives or members of congress and remember they are supposed to be civil servants who are put in office to serve you or represent you….they are duty bound to do so.


Please forward to your respective heads both at Central Government Level, State Level and Departmental Heads of Department of Health:

I have been lobbying the past government (now in opposition) both Julia Gillard, Keven Rudd and the ex Minister for Health Tanya Plibersek and also to your kind self who was then in opposition regarding the dangers of many past and current vaccines……all of which was to no avail.

It is normal to receive the standard template replies when the leader of the party and or the government refers the matter down the line to their respective Minister for Health who then pass it further down the line to the CEO/Director of their Department of Health who eventually get back to you by saying all vaccines receive strict protocol along with proof of the success of the programme, benefits and safety standards etc.

However, this is certainly not the case with HPV which to date has no available data as to its success or safety and as one can clearly see in my article and previous articles I have the evidence to prove otherwise.

I therefore wish to again put you, as our Prime Minister, and your respective Minister for Health or Heads of the Department of Health on record as having again received this information and accordingly hold you all responsible for any future class action which is likely to occur  and associated liability in relation to this particular HPV vaccine and any vaccine that contains the ingredients as described in this article:

It is no longer acceptable for our Leaders, Members of Parliament, State Members of Parliament, Ministers for Health, Regional Members and Heads of the Department of Health to pass the buck and allow this practice to continue. 

May I remind you all that you are Civil Servants that are put into office to serve your citizens and at the same time to address their concerns…… actual fact you are duty bound to follow Parliamentary Protocol in raising such issues on their behalf and in not doing so is in violation of that Protocol and your status.

 If a third world country such as India has taken action and one of our most important trading partners (Japan) are addressing this issue with the utmost urgency why is Australia not following suit?

Why are we now promoting it to be given to boys as well as girls and also exporting our own HPV vaccine to Laos to be given to all high school girls in that country?

 It is of my opinion that you are all in breach of your duty of care towards the young of “this great country” (which you keep reminding us about) and yet arrogantly you continue on your blind path with a sense of  “She’ll be right” attitude. 

You are all thus officially put on record as having been notified of forensic evidence from experts on both side, including the WHO, of the dangers of this particular vaccine.

I look forward to your standard template reply.

Kind Regards

Peter Eyre – 4/10/2013

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster     


The final stage is when you have sent it obtain the evidence that you have done so and that they have received it……this can be done by copy and paste the article or email and as I do capture a screen shot as shown below:

Then all that is left to do is to retain as evidence their acknowledgement or reply as per below:

Your message to the Prime Minister



Thank you for your message to the Prime Minister at

Below is a copy for your records.

Responses prepared to your message will generally be emailed to you. If you have supplied a postal address, a response may be sent to you via Australia Post. In some cases, your message may be forwarded to other Federal Ministers for their consideration.

So there you have it…….get up off your bum and simply do it or if you are brave enough call a meeting in your local community hall, get up on stage and blow them away…….believe me you will be a much stronger person for doing it and you certainly will sleep better knowing you have done your bit for humankind.

Bless you all,