Walk Free


The latest numbers are in. Join us in making the world aware of the staggering global scale of modern slavery.

The 2016 Global Slavery Index estimates there are a staggering 45.8 million people trapped in modern slavery. That’s more people than live in the cities of London, New York, Seoul and Delhi combined. It’s a big number – but it doesn’t mean that the situation is hopeless. In fact, there is something you can do right now to help.

By using the widget, you can volunteer your social accounts to help us reach those who aren’t aware of the issue, and recruit more people to fight it.

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  3. Share the message “45.8 Million are trapped in #ModernSlavery. Will you join the number fighting it?”

On June 6, the Thunderclap will go live, telling the world that there are 45.8 million people trapped in slavery.

The heart-breaking picture is clearer than ever. Help us bring it into focus, direct attention to the problem, and strengthen the movement against it.