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Mars (2)Plan announced for manned mission to Mars in 2018
[2/21/2013 –] It has just been announced that the world’s first space tourist, Dennis
Tito, is leading a private effort to send a manned space flight to Mars in January 2018. A Media Advisory titled “The Planets are Aligning for a Once-in-a-Generation Space
Journey” claims that a rare alignment of the planets will be occurring
that makes possible a manned mission to travel to Mars and back in 501
days. In a Media Advisory he announced the creation of the “Inspiration
Mars Foundation”, a non-profit foundation that would lead the Mars
mission. The Foundation, which Tito chairs, will give more details about the manned Mars mission in a February 27 Press conference at the
National Press Club. Three respected space scientists are scheduled to
discuss the proposed mission. Tito’s announcement follows an earlier
announcement by SpaceX to establish a colony on Mars. Private efforts to create manned Mars missions, appear to be eclipsing official public
efforts by NASA and other space agencies to send humans to Mars – but are they?

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