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astrology-painting-sun-moon-zodiac-signsHow is your life going? Are you totally happy and in bliss, or do you still experience the trauma that is going on in the rest of the world? My life is alright until I turn on the news and see what is going on in the world. It appears like the world has gone mad and people are out of control. This is not the way I choose to experience life. Guess it’s time to stop watching the news and stay in my bubble of happiness.

This past full moon and the Fall Equinox were very hard on my body. I think I am experiencing major transformation. I looked to see what the planets were doing and discovered that the planetary aspect that is affecting me is not over until the end of September. Has anyone else been experiencing neck and shoulder pain?

I know we all create our own reality and there are also a lot of other people creating their own reality. There are so many different realities on Earth that it amazes me. If I hear someone talking about doom and gloom I tell myself ‘That is not my reality’. ‘All is well in my world.’  If you still get angry and upset about events and want to fight, you are adding to the negative energy of the world. Now is the time for peace, not war.

The North Node is still in Scorpio and will be there until February of 2014.  Saturn will stay there until September of 2015. The Middle East and Russia will be in the spot light until Saturn moves out of that sign. Pluto, the transformer has been affecting the United States with lots of storms and flooding. The opposite side of the world has also been having lots of storms, especially China. In October the west coast USA will have intense energy toward Earth changes like wind storms, rain storms, or possibly quakes. Libra is a wind sign. Today it is raining really hard here in Seattle.

Russia and China will now be playing a major part in the world and here is what is occurring. We have been waiting for a new financial system to occur for a long time and as of September 6, 2013 it is now a working system. I was sent an article written by Lindsey Williams. It was from the web site    It says “On September 11, Pastor Lindsey Williams, former minister to the global oil companies during the building of the Alaskan pipeline, announced the most significant event to affect the U.S. dollar since its inception as a currency.  China announced its intention to bypass the dollar for global oil customers and began selling the commodity using their own currency”.

“On Thursday, September 6, China made the official announcement. China said on that day, our banking system is ready (BRICS = Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), all of our communication systems are ready, all of the transfer systems are ready, and as of that day, September 6, the dollar will no longer be the primary oil currency as China begins to sell oil using Yuan”.

“This announcement by China is one of the most significant changes in the global economic and monetary systems, although it was barely reported in the news. The ramifications of this new action are vast, and could very well be the catalyst that brings down the dollar as the global reserve currency, and change the entire landscape of how the world purchases energy”.

Lindsey Williams also says “This has never happened in the history of crude oil. Since crude oil became the motivating force behind our (US) entire economy, and everything in our lives revolves around crude oil. And since crude oil became the motivating factor behind our economy…never ever has crude oil been sold, bought, and traded, in any country in the world, without using the American dollar”.

On Friday, Sept 7, Russia announced that as of today, we will supply China with all of the crude oil they need; no matter how much they want-there is no limit. These duo actions by the two most powerful adversaries of the U.S. economy and empire have now joined in to make a move to attack the primary economic stronghold that keeps America as the most powerful economic superpower. The world changed last month, and there was nary a word spoken by anyone”.

Vladimir Putin wants to express his power for a while. His reign will probably last as long as Saturn is in Scorpio. His sun is on 13 degrees Libra, which makes it part of the cardinal cross that is being activated right now. He was born on October 7, 1953.  This cross is what is activating his desire for power.

In the past when I read the part in the Bible that talks about how Russia and China would join together to attack the U.S, I thought that meant a real physical war. It appears this means an economic war which is happening right now.  There is a bright side to this event. The U.S. has so much oil that once we open up our new oil fields we will become self-sustaining energy wise. Or maybe the new technology that has been kept on hold for so long will be brought forward and we will start to have a new form of pollution free energy.

Light Workers are looking for a different type of financial system to manifest. One is NESARA, and the other is the reevaluation of the Iraq Dinar.  I have heard rumors that the reevaluation of the Dinar is close to manifesting. I Hope that is true. I read an article in the USA Today paper on September 24, 2013 about the Iraq Dinar. I think it is a good sign it might happen when it comes out in the regular news.

The chart of the USA Sun is on 13 degrees Cancer and Jupiter is there now. Jupiter is considered a money planet and I see this as a good sign that our economy will be alright for now. I have always felt that the US economy will not crash, it will just change. It has been in the process of change since September of 2011, and definitely since 2008. September of 2001 to September of 2013 is the end of a 12 year cycle and now a new cycle has started.

The Fall Equinox had a very intense chart. Did you know that the asteroid Ceres was on 11 degrees Virgo, at the top of the chart, and if you use that asteroid in the chart it made another Star of David. The Star was in Earth and Water signs. Have you been able to integrate that energy yet? I am still in the process. And now we have the cardinal cross being activated. If you think time has been moving fast, just wait so see how fast events move from now on.

There are so many events happening now that it is hard to keep up with everything.  We are definitely in the time when the controllers are coming down. Look at what is going on in the Vatican. Did you ever think you would see a Pope like this one? He is changing everything. The Vatican bank is, and has been, the top controlling force in the world. For that to change is really quite amazing to me. If interested check out and then look for the official web site and click on letters. There are a couple of very interesting letters in there written by the Pope. One is dated July 11, 2013 and the other August 8, 2013.

Then we have a full moon lunar eclipse coming up on October 18, 2013 and a solar eclipse on November 3. Eclipses are always an intense experience. The lunar one will be on 25 degrees Aries/Libra.  The 25 Libra degree affects money and the new $100 bills will start circulating on October 8, 2013. The degree of 25 Aries is a peace loving degree. We’ll see what happens with this activation.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.       Quote by Buckminster Fuller

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