In previous planetary updates I have talked about the planetary shift in terms of weather patterns, earth changes, geopolitics, a financial system that is teetering on the edge of collapse, etc. This month I want to talk about something more personal – the bandwidth of energy held within you that vibrates and holds frequency levels.

This bandwidth holds the pattern of love, joy, compassion, calm, peacefulness, but the rational mind that looks externally for answers has no concept of those vibrations, nor ever will understand them. Access to these higher frequencies is now available, but in order to experience them, we have to think with our heart and not with our rational mind. The rational mind only knows what it knows, and since it thinks it knows more than it actually knows, it is constantly acting as if it knows what it is doing. It makes up stories, justifications, and validations. While it can be challenging when we meet this in others, if you put your attention in your heart, in that bandwidth of higher frequency energies of the light and the love of the Creator, and hold your attention on that vibration of love, and freedom, you will not only begin to have access to your own natural well being; you also will be able to allow others to be who they are, and to enjoy them for their creations.

This shifting experience from the rational mind’s awareness in the external world to this bandwidth of quietness in the heart is changing the consciousness of the planet as well as our entire solar system. Some will move quickly, some will move more slowly. When doubt and fear pop up, distinguishing between what is yours and what is that of the collective consciousness will enable you to move more easily and rapidly into your heart. Allow others their off-balanceness, their uncertainties and fears… if you can perceive your husband/wife/mother/child/friend as having nothing to fix, and simply hold them in your heart space, you will begin to see that it is the magnetics of these bandwidths that will allow all others to simply begin to shift to match the energies of the bandwidth you hold.

This planetary shift is very much about you. The impact you have on others, not as a healer fixing them, but as a leader leading them, and as an individual that holds so much light, you will begin to influence the world around you in ways that you could never have imagined from the rational mind.

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