I have to warn you that this can get a bit fear mongering BUT it is imperative that we KNOW what our government is using to suppress the people on the planet through biowarfare (most evident is the use of chemtrails). I thought it was interesting that these labs were popping up at a record rate when this was released in 2010. This is close to my heart after watching my 3 puppies die horrific deaths from parvo. After this experience, it was apparent that this “virus” was anything but natural…it is certainly an interesting watch with montauk monsters and more.

I can also tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that ALL of us have been effected by this.  To give you an example, I just had my DNA swabbed and lyme disease was found.  Honestly, I don’t worry about it and I don’t give it any energy, but what it did for me is bring about the realization that we are all susceptible to this government’s maniacal goals.  Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I could have been bitten by a tick!

What can we do?  Have no fear, give them no energy, and convert the energetic signature to something light and beautiful, convert, convert, convert!  We are so powerful beyond our comprehension.