Greetings and Salutations;

Take a look at what russia is saying at the momentous time in  history;

All the info can be found by going thru the business archives. The grip of the dollar is being pried off of people’s countries. They’ve had enough and aren’t taking it anymore. The end to the  fed is here. If you’re broke, you’re broke. You have no wedge on  the issue. Perhaps, your debtor will be kind as they dismember  you. lolol That’s it, once the legalities, were taken care of,  then massive global scale movements started happening. As usual,  it took them a week but the moves were irreversible and  sustainable. Loose lips sink ships so, I thought it best to keep  my mouth shut as they got things done. They ARE reading emails  and adjustments are made, accordingly.

The dark one’s are on the losing side of this operation but that  does not seem to shut their mouths. Like visions in a nightmare,  they taunt from the sides on anyone paying attention, they will  lie with no regard that they are. This is the time, you need to  use YOUR grey matter and decipher them. The game was always  rigged and first thing you have to do, is accept that. The big  picture is working just fine, your place in it is up to you. Do  not use fear, to make decisions with. It injects toxins into  everything it touches…constantly creating unintended results.  Learn to use Love as your weapon…the double edged sword of  truth. Your time for putting all this stuff to use is  here….opportunity, with a big O. Use what the good lord gave  you.

Some are speaking for themselves, they are simply waiting for  disbursement orders. There are things being activated long  forgotten as a pipe dream, last I heard there were 70+ programs  and each one comes up you may find your self being invited bank  to the bank to fill out some more papers…and they will find  you, even if you are hiding from an ex. They need you to be the  mule and spread this stuff out. End world poverty and hunger,  take care of the down trodden, the elderly and the children. Be a  steward, sit down, think about it, and then engage. The  ’collective’ of you all doing what needs done. The circles will  begin intersecting, causing the whole world to be covered in  goodness. As they say, ‘money talks and b…s walks’.

Now go in peace, shake the dust off your feet, and enjoy your  future.

Love and Kisses,