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By Diane Tessman – 5 hours 46 min ago

The easy answer is, “Yes!” The prophecies of Nostradamus and Saint Malachy were proven wrong yesterday as the Catholic cardinals chose Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Archbishop of Argentina, as the new pope. At first glance, there seems to be no connection between Pope Francis and the famous (or infamous), prophecies that Peter Romanus would be the last pope as “two suns” blaze in the sky (Comet ISON).

Would it be stretching to say that perhaps the cardinals were obviously aware of the prophecies, and so purposely chose someone who did not fit the predictions so as to protect their church from falling or at least, becoming the object of mystical fear somehow involved in the end of the world?

There are a few “stretches” which DO connect Pope Francis with the prophecies. I am not championing any of these arguments! On the other hand, it could be that stronger connections will be found in time – the new pope was just elected yesterday, March 13, 2013.

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Here are a few thoughts on possible connections:

The name of Francis was considered the same way as Peter, not to be used as the name of a pope. A major point of Malachy’s prophecy was that the last pope would cast aside this taboo and take a name not-used.  Perhaps this Pope taking Francis is a convoluted fulfillment of the prophecy. Granted, this is a reach.

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