As I heard from Cobra yesterday, the FEMA camp internment WILL NOT BE ALLOWED and if it went down, The Event would be triggered…listen to my inteview with him yesteday regarding this for your own ears.  NO FEAR – we are almost there.-A.M.YELLOW ALERT – possible June 26th-29 false flag, gear ups, live fires, air mobilization


Published on Jun 23, 2013

Possible beginning of, or actual execution of, a false flag. Watch for large mobilizations by rail and convoy. Watch for mixing of law enforcement with military personnel. Foreign APCs arrived last week. Foreign troops have permanent station within the U.S. Fleet-sized C-17 mobilization already done. My guess is that the 26th date is the beginning of continued “frog boiling” but be cautious from the 26h for 72 hours. Unusual heavy helicopter activity nation-wide. LA reports military vehicles being stored near parks.

Team 4 Commander Job Price Not Suicide

Now is the time to expose what really happened to this Patriot , a man of honor and loved by all.

(GRU) comm intercept, Russian confirmed he was killed in crash.

1610 US Military Flight Logs confirm CMDR Job Price highest ranking SEAL Commander with 4 other members of Seal Team 4 left base in Urozgan Province, Afghanistan on a flight to Baghdad Iraq leaving Bahrain airspace on C-12 Huron carrying Sec State Clinton as protection detail of US Navy Seal Team “without notice” deviated from assigned flight pattern heading directly to Iran’s Ahwaz International Airport “unscheduled stop.(GRU) confirmed mechanical failure starboard engine cell failure. (GRU) confirmed Price killed on impact, Sec State Clinton severely wounded Aircraft was still on ground in IRAN. Africom sent 3 specialists via Iraq and new engine cell. Sec State did not have stomach flu, Nor did she fall down stairs coma was not legit, recovery time was to delay the hearings.

CMDR Job Price was the highest ranking SEAL CMDR heavily decorated with 20yrs service to this nation. He left a wife and daughter behind. In a pressurized aircraft with Americas elite do you believe he drew his pistol and shot himself? Remaining team members wouuld have stopped him instantly to preserve cabin pressurization and the wellness of the Sec State Clinton.……

He was murdered.He was a lifer who loved his country and his family. God Bless his sacrifice for his country.

We the people…