federation of light shipComment by Contigious light on Thursday

I cannot say much further than this: The wait is over CONTACT HAS BEEN MADE rejoice contact has been made. Disclosure project is in full swing.

Sorry I will not  release my source, the contactee does not wish to be known the most i can give you is it was in New Zealand this privacy keeps them safe.

To put it bluntly we are not that close to prosperity,

As far as I have been told there will be a long process of rebuilding earth ahead of us. Yes we will have allot of help but it will still be allot of work cabal have done much damage to Gaia and our economic situation ~ this needs to be fixed & it will not all change with the flick of a switch it would be small minded to assume that.

One more insight I can safely release is that there is a form of peer support system in place, I personally have astro-traveled for a brief period onto a ship and met mine, if you would like to increase your own chances of getting immediate contact/conformation then some form of astro-travel or telepathy must be practiced,

If not then all I can suggest is you sit and wait. I can point you in the directions to learn this technique, if that is what you want … 1st watch this video in the link provided below & 2nd grab the PDF in the link box below the video , the video says most of what is said in the PDF but the PDF gives you all the detailed techniques of actually how to astro-travel and there is more than just one way of doing it. So if you want to skip the video and go strait to the PDF you will not be missing anything : http://youtu.be/8VB6h_bWR3Y

The more important message that I want to repeat in different words is that it is our own journey that matters, if lets say our sister said that in two weeks she would come and help us in the garden would we stop our usual pottering around and just wait for her to come or would we continue on our usual path and thus the job would be further along and done faster.

DO NOT FORGET that we are powerful beings of light and have been managing well enough by ourselves or do we all see ourselves as big failures on this venture are we just going to crumble because someone is finally here to help OR do we take the assistance and get further in our own journey’s which is what the GFL are here to do for us.

I tell this time and time again to my eldest child, “help is not, I do it for you. Help is, you do it but I make it easier for you”

We need to stand on our own two feet ~ simple as that!

I know this does not answer most of your questions but it serves its purpose

Love To All Powerful Beings Of Light ~ Ignite ignite ignite

Please have one tiny bit more patients this message will be easily forgotten soon enough I was conflicted to start with on weather to release this as to what effect it would have . The intention of releasing this was to help still minds to the acceptance that it is already happening we need to only wait our turn in line as we all have a part to play in this, when the person came forth to me with this fact I too was admittedly disappointed it wasn’t  me, but I know now that it will take all of us to take part for we have a long road ahead, the hard work will not be over once full disclosure is made. We have a planet to rebuild let this be our main objective – we all know and believe in their existence in our heart with our spirit why else would we all be on this site. The foreseeable end goal is the ascension of mother and child ~ earth and mankind please let our focus turn to this for this is the gold at the end of the rainbow……

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