Full Moon is Monday, February 25 at 1:26 PM Mountain Standard Time. It would be good to focus on humor, laughter, friends, community, celebration and doing something out of the ordinary like a moonlight hike or an all night party. Honor that everything has changed and that life is totally different even though you may not be manifesting this yet on the physical plane. You must believe it first.

It is important to step back from any personal drama you may be experiencing and see the larger pattern of change. Events such as the meteor exploding over the Ural Mountains in Russia is extremely significant in resetting something in the assemblage point of the planet as it has sent a shock wave through the earth. These events are helping to set the planet on a slightly different path as well as teaching us about letting go of attachment to what we perceive as security.

Be present, be playful, be flexible, pay attention, be spontaneous, expect the unexpected, be inspired by the surprises, allow love, allow change, allow growth, and allow deep healing!



Written by Patricia Liles
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moonFull Moon ~ Sun in Pisces/Moon in Virgo ~ 7º   
Monday, February 25 1:26 PM MST
(8:26 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

Sixth house Virgo is the axis of service; twelfth house Pisces is the axis of surrender.  Virgo speaks of the body; Pisces speaks of the soul.  Virgo is the real; Pisces the ideal.  It might be said the soul holds a record of all we think, desire and do.  Virgo Full Moon brings to the light how we live our ideals.  Our behavior, actions, thoughts must not be different from our desire for awakening.  Out of this endeavor to manifest the spiritual comes Virgo’s reputation for honesty, integrity and purity.

This earthy Virgo Moon offers us balance for all those planets lined up together in the ultimate water sign, Pisces (Neptune, Sun, Chiron, Mars, Mercury) ~ with Venus moving to Pisces just after Full Moon, and Saturn also in a water sign, Scorpio.  Pisces, as the last sign of the zodiac – the culmination, leads us back to our transcendental origins, back to our source with All That Is.  We merge, dissolve imaginary boundaries, become aware of our consciousness behind our eyes looking out into physical reality.  Creativity and imagination are strong in Pisces.  In contact with Source, inspiration, images, messages arise from the bottomless well of the Great Mystery and provides a bridge to compassion, kindness, peace, equanimity.


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