Well I have to say it is getting more exciting each day with the immense amount of exposure going on throughout our world…I just wonder how much longer before a massive uncovering will occur with our own US politicians….you just gotta wonder huh?-A.M.


Taliban militants (File photo)Taliban militants (File photo0

Sun Feb 2, 2014 5:4PM GMT

Afghan intelligence agency says Taliban have forced a large number of young boys into sexual slavery at militant hideouts across the war-ravaged country.

The Afghan intelligence – National Directorate of Security (NDS) said in a statement on Sunday that the Taliban commanders were hiring teenager boys and putting them into forced labor and prostitution at their camps.

The militants were using the teenagers for insurgency activities including roadside bombings in different regions of the militancy-riddled country, the statement added.

The latest revelation comes after Afghan security forces arrested several young boys during clean-up operations at militant camps in Maidan Wardak Province.

Sources say the boys have been beaten, drugged, and sexually assaulted by Taliban commanders.

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