Bad news, Jared: The “Subway diet” might’ve helped you to lose some weight, but it could also be killing you. 

BOLOGNAI bet you won’t see that in their next commercial.

But once you strip away those rosy and even inspirational ads, you’re left with the research. And the research should inspire you to cut back on all processed meats, including lunchmeats — whether they’re from Subway or the supermarket.

One new study of close to 450,000 people from 10 countries finds that regular consumption of processed meats such as sandwich meats will:

  • Double your risk of death from all causes
  • Increase your risk of cardiovascular death by 70 percent
  • Increase your risk of death from cancer by 43 percent

These risks are for people who eat the most processed meats compared to those who eat the least.

But people who eat the most don’t eat as much as you might think they do. They eat an average of 160 grams of processed meat daily, or about 5.6 ounces a day.

People with the lowest risk of death, on the other hand, limit their processed meat intake to an average of less than 20 grams a day — or less than three-quarters of an ounce daily.

I doubt anyone is eating three-quarters of an ounce of meat a day. Most likely, these are people who have an occasional sandwich… which is just about the only time to have a sandwich.

Or, better yet, skip them completely.

Sandwich meats are loaded with some of the most dangerous chemicals ever approved for food, including toxic preservatives and coloring agents. Some also contain nitrates, and most of them contain enough salt to send blood pressure levels shooting sky high.

(If you’re a guy, there’s one more very good reason to be steering clear of processed meats. I wrote about this frightening fertility problem earlier this year. Click here to read more about.)

And yes, that includes the processed meats marketed as “low fat,” “diet,” and even “healthy” choices.

Clearly, there’s nothing healthy about them — and if they’re part of your life (or part of your lunch), it’s time to kick ‘em out. That means saying “no” to lunchmeats, hot dogs, sausages, bacon, and anything sold from a drive-through window.

I know it’s tough for some people to give up all that convenience. But it’s even tougher to have to give up your life.

No sandwich in the world is worth that.