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He is concerned about the ramifications of this released video…name of movie was changed on September 11th!!!

News Politics Now is responsible for the name change from “The Real Life of Mohammad” to “Innocence of Muslims.”

Published on Sep 20, 2012 by Montagraph
Update: Sept 26th 2012 The Original screen cap can be downloaded by anyone in this link… I encourage anyone to look behind the image that may associate NPN to Stanley!

Additional development 24 2012 :

UPDATE: “Innocence of Muslims” Filmaker, Federal Informant – Huffingtonpost link…

UPDATE: Glen Beck reported that the Embassy staff were communicating via a gaming forum! Go to “DarthF3TT” channel on YT and will notice that out of 11 videos, NINE of them are [Gaming Videos] ONE is the Innocence of Muslims and TWO are about the Embassy Killings. Screen Cap It – I Did! Here is the link!!!

UPDATE: Look who created this now deleted page. This url was captured via a Google Cache trying to sell the Christopher Stevens was killed because of the Innocence of Muslim “Film”, look who posted it! “NPN” NewsPoliticsNow3…

Please follow the links in the order in which listed and come to your own conclusions!

The “Original Video” called The Real Life Of Mohammad
posted on July 1st 2012 on Sam Bacile’s YT Channel

Movie name changed to “Innocence of Muslims” posted on
September 11 2012 by Youtube user NewsPoliticsNow3

Youtube page NewsPoliticsNow sporting a [TM] Trademark
to the right of their name

Youtube page NewsPoliticsLeaks appears to be associated with
NewsPoliticsNow notice the trademark listed to the right

Trademark search results for NewsPoliticsNow…

Trademark results for NewsPoliticsLeaks…

Image search for NPN…

Image search for NPL…

Results for Stanley Inc,_Inc.

It has been brought to my attention that Youtube has shielded everyone’s age within the past 24 hours.

——————– Again, I wanted to thank “TheAntiPC” for your
original video pointing out the facts on how the Muslim Movie was posted months ago, for it is Your Video, that made me really look into this situation!
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