August 6, 2013 – September 5, 2013
Lunar Planner Synopsis

astrology-painting-sun-moon-zodiac-signsOur New Moon of August 6, 2013 conjoins Vesta, asteroid of focus, dedication and commitment, which lie opposite retrograde Juno, asteroid of covenant relationships, mutual equality and respect. Conjoining stars include Dubhe of the Great Bear, Acubens of Cancer and Zeta Hydra.

The Stars of the Great Bear are associated with the global scene and world powers; and reveal the diverse dynamic of these ruling forces in general. Dubhe is the overseeing star of this area of the zodiak. Dubhe and conjoining stars impel us to strive for a greater vision beyond the accepted political-religious dogmas of the human world that keep humanity in darkness and delusion; and against the controlling global forces perpetuating that dogmatic rule. At a personal level, they impel us to….

Kicking off this lunar cycle is the start of the very significant and dynamic Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square, along with a new Mars-Jupiter 2-year synodic cycle. This stimulates the start of a dramatic turn in the energetics formulating the nature of our experience over the many months ahead. It continues through the primary Uranus-Pluto climatic turning in November and through April of 2014 when this T-square climaxes with retrograde Mars joining the threesome to form an exact and potent Mars-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Grand Square. Jupiter incites a tremendous mobilizing and expansive energetic to our Uranus-Pluto Square theme: Revolution and Revelation….

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