This guy is absolutely brilliant in his research on dysfunction within the digestive system…there are a couple of downloads that are very educational. 


  Food Nourishment Against Depression & Anxiety    

   Chronic depression afflicts 121 million people worldwide or about 1 in 10 adults. All these cases are being poorly served by drugs, most of which are unproven with flawed theories on why and how depression exists in the first place. Just on last night’s news we heard about how a major drug company pled guilty to health care fraud and was fined $3 billion dollars…and anti-depressant drugs were involved.   A 2004 BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL study found that the entire class of antidepressant medications (more than 30 different drugs) are not as effective as advertised and unsafe and these findings prompted the FDA to force drug companies to include a “black box” public safety health warning: “Antidepressants increase the risk of suicidal thinking and behavior, etc.” The HARVARD MENTAL HEALTH LETTER stated these drugs “should be neither a first choice nor a last resort.” Depression is a multi-billion dollar business based on the unproven theory that low serotonin levels cause depression and Dr. Jeffry Lacasse states, “there is not a single peer-reviewed article that can be accurately cited to directly support claims of serotonin deficiency in any mental disorder.” – PloS Med, 2005:12. Over 22 studies produced negative results with SSRIs. Researchers from the OREGON HEALTH AND SCIENCE UNIVERSITY discovered that the manufacturers either tried to hide the fact or put a positive spin on negative research data. Studies fail to demonstrate any significant differences between the drug and a placebo (sugar pill) (Preventive Treatment 2002:5; Arch Intern Med 1999:159) and anti-depressants can drive people to suicide (J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry, 2001:40).    Functional disturbances of the liver ducts, gall bladder and duodenum involving poor mobility and motility of the biliary tract (biliary dyskinesia & stasis) are common causes of anxiety and depression. A lack of bile production and/or flow causes toxins to back up into the nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems is a nutritional deficit and may result in depression or anxiety.

    When the diet lacks fiber or food maldigests, toxins are constantly reabsorbed via the liver-colon circulation. To make matters worse, man-made toxins and nuclear radiation causes the liver cells to turn off bile production.  Irwin M. Arias, MD at TUFT’S UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE proved that changes in liver cell (hepatocyte) polarity can disrupt bile production (Proc National Academy Sciences 2005:102 and Journal of Biological Chemistry 2001:276)   A lack of bile upsets normal and natural gut fermentation patterns and the binding of nutrients gets disrupted. We lose the habitat for microbiotica colonization and small nutrient platforms lose dynamic equilibrium and diminish the efficiency of energy extraction from polysaccharides. The result: microbes malfunction or misbehave and are unable to deploy immune-assisting defenses – Science 2005:307  To understand more about how these ecosystem disruptions can cause malnourishment that causes inflammation and disorders like fibromyalgia read these articles:
The Most Powerful Anti-Depressant & Anti-Anxiety Food & Spices

     Arugula that is finely chopped and marinated in quorum-fermented bitters like gentain root and celery provides a completely natural way to quickly augment bile output and clear the liver of toxins that may be causing brain and mental symptoms. 
RECIPE: one-half a cup of arugula marinated with 25 drops of QuantaBitters for 2 hours or longer (QuantaBitters is a condiment and not a regular food product of the association and is available only in small batches on a first-come, first-served basis to association practitioners). Consume this salad twice daily when you are depressed or anxious.
Keep in mind that depression and anxiety may also be caused by peroxidized lipids that are non-polar (common in oils, nut butters and Omega EFA supplements). Since motility is under neural control (Journal of Physiology 1988:401) which also relaxes the sphincter of oddi in the duodenum, (Journal of Clinical Investigation 1974:54), it makes sense to use oil that is not peroxidized like Montebello Olive Oil or the non-peroxidized polar lipids found inQuantaOil Plus. 
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