Some quotations from a book by Bob Frissell called NOTHING IN THIS BOOK IS TRUE, BUT IT’S EXACTLY HOW THINGS ARE . The copyright shows it was most recently updated in 2009. (Page numbers are from the paperback edition.)

~ page 173 [This quote is in answer to someone who scoffed at the fact that a ninety-degree turn will take us into another dimension.]

The Philadelphia Experiment

conspiracytheoryAt least on the surface, the Philadelphia Experiment (officially known as Project Rainbow) was a top secret military experiment that attempted to make a battleship invisible. Yes,  invisible! Did you see the movie of the same name? This happened in 1943, right in the middle of World War II. Making a battleship invisible is really not that difficult. All you have to do is take it int0 the next overtone and it is invisible to everyone on this dimensional level. Drunvalo says this is something that everyone can do; it’s the cloaking device of the Klingons. The technology for the Philadelphia Experiment came to us from the Greys. We wanted it to win the war, but they had very different reasons for helping us, which I will discuss later.

To go to the next higher dimensional overtone, you have to create counter-rotating fields of energy at very specific speeds. In the experiment, the government scientists got counter-rotating fields going based on a star tetrahedron. When you go from one dimensional world to another, the counter-rotating fields shoot from nine-tenths the speed of light to the actual speed of light, which involves an incredibly complex series of whole-number harmonics that build upon each other.

The visual experience of this is that the space around you turns to a red fog and takes the shape of a flying saucer. The colors then progress through the whole rainbow very quickly, going from red to orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and ultraviolet purple, and then to a blinding white light that slowly recedes. Any physical objects will appear to be made out of gold, which will slowly become translucent and then transparent. Then you are into blackness, and at this point you make a ninety-degree shift, which is done in two distinct forty-five-degree turns. Different dimensional worlds are all separated by ninety-degree angles. After the ninety-degree shift you reappear in a whole new world on a different dimensional level.

~ page 201

1972 –

[The chapter called 1972 describes something very unusual that happened in 1972 that has changed everything about our ascension process, which I will not describe here.]

Let’s return to late August and early September 1990 for a moment. We did reach critical mass. We had the necessary 7-10 percent or roughly five hundred million people who had opened up enough that they would go through. Ascension should have taken place.

The numbers kept growing. We went way beyond critical mass. Then in January 1992 another phenomenon took place—for the first time in sixteen thousand years, the light on the planet was more powerful than the darkness, and it still wasn’t igniting. Something else was clearly happening—a cold-fusion process, if you will.

However, because the light was now in control, the Sirians decided we should be given back our power.

The programming of the Earth (how the events take place in our world) was given back to us. Since January 1992 what occurs on the planet is up to us completely. If we could just understand the nature of the situation, that our thoughts and feelings are creating the reality, we could change very rapidly.

Drunvalo believes that all previous predictions regarding the future of the Earth are no longer valid. The Sirian experience of 1972 changed everything. Nostradamus was very accurate in his prediction up until 1972, and since then he has fallen way off. Suzuki predicted a pole shift in 1984; he was sure of it. When 1984 came, we were in a totally different place. Thoth believe that we are going to have the most unique experience that life has ever had. When the time comes, every last person left on the planet will ascend into the next dimensional level together.

There will be people dying all along, and those who do will go into Christ-consciousness through  resurrection. We will be making the shift as a conscious planet, as though we were a million years further advanced. Many higher aspects of life everywhere are begging to come down here either through birth or as walk-ins to directly experience this because is is so unusual.

~ page 207

The Secret Government –

At that time, these global elitists now only did not want anyone to know what they were doing but didn’t want anyone to compete with them either. Anyone was was involved in advanced technology was stopped in one way or another (as with a gag order). If they couldn’t stop them they just got rid of them

Somewhere around 1984 the city on Mars was completed. The secret government began thinking that they really had it made. Then just a few years later, approximately 1989, they made a shocking discovery. The Earth  is not the only place that the north and south poles are shifting; it is happening on all the planets in our solar system including Mars.

Seven to nine months later a further blow hit when they learned that it wasn’t just a physical change that was occurring but also an interdimensional shift in consciousness. At that point, like the Greys, they felt quite helpless. They then began to realize that, like it or not, they are connected to all of humanity, and the only way they can survive is through love and unity consciousness.

This was the situation the Earth was faced with in Atlantis that was ignored sixteen thousand years ago when the Martians tried to split off from the rest of the Earth’s population and go their own way. They are leaving people like Drunvalo alone, those who might have an answer and might be able to help them.

[I’m omitting a paragraph here.]

Insofar as these people are totally aligned with the Greys, they are pretty much devoid of emotions; however, they are extremely intelligent. If they could figure out any other way to save themselves they probably would, but they are now realizing from life forms much higher than the Greys that if they are to survive we all must—we are in this together.

This is what the higher beings have wanted since the disaster in Atlantis. They didn’t want just the Earthlings to survive at the expense of the Martians or vice versa; they wanted them both to survive and go from there.