Two callers reported that CNN reported that 1700 policemen were arrested in Puerto Rico – the home of the Federal Reserve.  Interesting….  Many callers asking how to go about bringing about the arrests.  All to be peacefully conducted following proper legal procedure, backed up with lots of evidence.  Drake says he will post lists that people have requested so they know who to should be arrested.  To be very clear about this — no violence, just following correct legal procedures.

And from Kauilapele’s perspective…I am posting the mp3s for this show, albeit with some reluctance. I encourage each to use their Higher Discernment when listening to this. That is all I can suggest. The show was “cut off” at the end, “mysteriously”. A follow up show is scheduled for tomorrow night, at 8PM EDT.

Here is the website for the complete show, with music.–drakes-vital-weekend-update–sunday

I am reluctant because of one statement I heard, in Part 2, at exactly 25:15. Drake said this, “The reason for the lack of action is because of the rat patrols that were initiated by Obama”. Afterward there was more talk of guns and how they may be taken away.

Looking at this from a Galactic Awareness perspective, I will say simply that I know Barack Obama is working with the Light forces. Not against. I highly doubt that Barack Obama himself would order the arrangement of any “rat patrols” to hinder action. The cabal, yes. Obama, no. I do concur with Matthew, SaLuSa, Ashtar, and many others, who have continually reminded us that Barack Obama is here to help bring us through this tumultuous period, and into the demise and elimination of the cabal, NESARA (whether it’s called that or not), and full disclosure of the ET presence upon Earth, and our Galactic Family ties. And even David Wilcock’s last piece, the third update, tells us of the position Barack Obama is in, and has been in. You may want to re-read that update.

Now about the “call being cut off.” Perhaps Drake and those on the call would say, “Obama cut them off”, or “The cabal cut them off.” (I’m not saying anyone said that; I did not hear any comments or read anything about that; I’m just saying, “Perhaps”).

I spoke with Beverly tonight. And part of our conversation was about this “cutoff”. It hit us quite strongly as we talked that, perhaps, once the conversation turned to folks going out and start arresting people on their own, that this “cut off” of the call was carried out by the Galactics, in order to stop the “arrest” talk in its tracks.

That is a valid option for the “cutoff”, in my mind.

In the meantime, I am posting these MP3s anyway, and, again, encourage each to look within and “get” what you “get”, and not depend on myself, or Drake, or David Wilcock, or anyone else, to tell you what you should get.

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